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Topic: Sample cds

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    Sample cds

    I actually don\'t have the Gigasampler yet, but I have few questions about the samplecds.

    Is the Gigasamplers version of Peter Siedlaczeks advanced orchestra the \'normal\' advanced orchestra or is the advanced orchestra upgrade included in it?

    Is the Gigapiano Bosendorfer Grand Piano or Steinway B Grand Piano or is it non of these?
    So, what are the impressions in these large pianos? Which one should I buy (well, I\'ll get the gigapiano anyway...)?

    I compose movie like music (scores), which one would be better Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra or Peter Siedlaczeks Advanced Orchestra? Today, I\'m have only synclavier strings.


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    Re: Sample cds

    Contrary to the above poster, I find the GigaPianos very impressive. I have the full Ultimate Piano set (Akai) as well as both Perfect Pianos (Kurzweil). Any/all GigaPianos are solid improvements over these. I prefer the Steinway B over the GigaPiano avaialble from Nemesys (a Yamaha Grand). Others disagree. GigaPianos are a good investment.

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    Re: Sample cds

    hi sami,

    I programmed all - and therefore also the the GS version - of advanced orchestra and I can tell you this library has many improvements compared to the AKAI version. below you find a detailed description, I posted it several times here on the forum.

    The Gigapiano doesn´t sound very impressive to me, I heard much better pianos from other samplers. But the long release is really impressive. If you can wait for approx. 4 weeks, the Total Piano Library is availavble giving you a very fine and brilliant sounding classical piano and lots of additional extraordinary piano sounds - ioptimized for scoring. Look out for demos under www.bestservice.de.

    here some important points to advanced orchestra:

    After programming the Advanced orchestra for Gigasampler now I do daily work with it - from scoring and trailers to dance. I think the new soundversions are competing very well against vitos.

    First Technical points:

    AO is in native GS format and optimized for efficient work with GS. Example is the key dimension controll and the crossfade features giving you fast and direct realtime acess to many play techniques and you can now load a full orchestra with all play techniques on 16 Midi Channels (therefore I recommend at least 256 Mb RAM). I added legato versions to the sets, improved the whole tuning, problematic sounds of the old library are fixed (e.g. crescendi (flutes!) have constant tuning now, many noises on the woodwinds are reduced, all attacks are optimized for a more orchestral sound and the percussions are available as user friendly sets, with looped tremoli and additional release sounds.
    Vitos: Available as AKAI, GS version MAY comes end of this year. Importing will cause many loops klicking and masses of small GIG´s with cryptic AKAI names. To get the full playing range of only the Violins e.g. you need over 8 Midi Channels, because every technique has to be loaded to a seperate \"slot\".


    Vitos sounds great, no question, warm, full sounding strings. But if you mix vitos togheter with other instruments you will find there is too less structure in the sound. In AO you have more details (slight bow noises etc.) which make the mix sound more realistic.
    AO contains a additional pre-mixed f/mp vibrato string set, which sounds very vitos like and very rich and provides crossfading f/mp for natural articulations
    All AO string sounds available with short, natural decay for bound phrases and with long release for atmospheric sounds often used in scoring
    The solo strings now get natural expression by using key dim/crossfade techniques.


    I do all my basic work with AO, because it´s fast and highly optimized. The richness of sound is great. I add the vitos strings or the AO vibrato strings to the final arrangement, simply to enhance the richness of the whole sound.

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    Re: Sample cds

    Thanks for the replies.

    What about the 1.8 GB Bosen Dorfer gigasampler version that they are selling in East West Sound?

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    Re: Sample cds

    Thanks for the replies.

    What about the 1.8 GB Bosen Dorfer gigasampler version that they are selling in East West Sound?

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    Re: Sample cds

    To answer in less detail, but more specifically, the GS version of AO is base on material from the original library, not the upgrade.

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    Re: Sample cds

    I find the Nemesys gigapiano a big big dissapointment. The piano is out of phase and therefore hard too use in a mix. I haven\'t heard the Steinway and Bosendorfer yet, so I don\'t know how they perform.

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    Re: Sample cds

    Hmm, the piano is really out of phase ??
    I use the GP in all my songs and never noticed that. Maybe my music is out of phase too ??


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