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Topic: Fat Snare,D&B snare&hip hop snare indie hit sample CD's

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    Fat Snare,D&B snare&hip hop snare indie hit sample CD\'s

    I am trying to program some D&B,Big Beat,Trip hop ect... beats ( I play drums and I\'m trying to construct a bunch of kits I can use to play that kind of music live). Unfortunately I am having a difficult time locating some sample CD\'s with the appropriate indie hit snares, either they sound weak or they have been chopped up in a program like wave surgeon and contain the decay of the previous instrument and all the attacks of the instruments playing at the same time the snare was struck thus making the snare sound very short and fuzzy which is fun sometimes but not for what I want. Anyway, does anyone have any recomendations for some great sample CD\'s that contain snares that would emulate some Drum and Bass , Portise Head, James Brown, Beastie Boys type snares. Thanks, Peter

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    Re: Fat Snare,D&B snare&hip hop snare indie hit sample CD\'s

    I feel you.
    I play drums (and turntables), and I\'m doing something of the same thing, putting together some drumsets for programmed beats. So far, I\'ve been sampling stuff off of records and sampling my acoustic drums. I\'m not really concerned with the patches being realistic (velocity splits, etc.). If there are good sample libraries out with some of the same type of stuff, I\'d like to pick one up to get some \"stock\" drum sounds.
    Any one know what\'s good?

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