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Topic: harpsichord

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    Is there any sampled harpsichord 8\', 4\' or both available for GS?

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    Re: harpsichord

    We\'ll keep an eye out for one. I think there are small ones in Akai format that are part of keyboard collections. If anyone has a real one and is interested in creating a heavy duty Harpsichord library or in the process of it, be sure and contact us for consulting and for referal to interested people. You can use the GigaSampler release triggers for the release pluck of the harpsi chord. You could even control the volume of this release pluck with a controller such as the mod wheel.

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    Re: harpsichord

    I\'m glad someone else is also looking for good harpsichord samples! I had bought some music gear through Invision International a few years ago and was told that the company that created the \"3D Piano\" sample CD was working on a harpsichord CD. Unfortunately both companies have since merged/evolved/mutated and I don\'t what has happened with the company that was working on it.

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    Re: harpsichord

    I recently contacted a company here in The Netherlands, Digital Music Media, and they told me that they are currently working on the release of a harpsichord CD-ROM in GS-format

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