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Topic: What's going on with QupArts??

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    What\'s going on with QupArts??

    I\'m waiting now over six months for the GS- release of \'LatinGrooveFactory No.1\'.
    Any news?


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    Re: What\'s going on with QupArts??

    I offered Q up Arts the reprogramming of all their (really great!) Libraries to GS many times the last months, but get absolutely no response up to now. I guess they simply are no interrested in this Format, because reprogramming is real and expensive work, much more then simple conversion. You all could speed up the developement if you e-mail to Q and ask what´s up there.
    I don´t know.

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    Re: What\'s going on with QupArts??

    I got the last mail from Susan Morton in May this year, telling me to stay tuned.
    But now I\'m really tired of waiting.
    I think the best solution is to buy the AKAI-CD.

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    Re: What\'s going on with QupArts??

    What\'s the difference between reprogramming and conversion? Sorry for the FAQ. Does this mean it\'s not worth buying AKAI versions of sample CDs for gigasampler?

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    Re: What\'s going on with QupArts??

    Importing of AKAI instruments to GS is easy and can be done with S-convertor, but the imported indtruments are simple, behave not like the AKAI original and don´t benefit from GS features like dimension mapping. Loops of imported samples may click sometimes, finetuning of lodness, sample start adjustments and EG/Filters are lost.

    Reprogramming is the professional (and of course expensive) way to adapt a library to a sampler. I did this with advanced orchestra and it takes 3 months, the work was from the scratch on. But the library now is perfect for fast, intuitive work and all the power of GS is included.

    Only with a native GS library you get the full power of GS, but of course working with imported AKAI libs is also nice - fast loading, unlimited memory.

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    Re: What\'s going on with QupArts??

    It\'s been done for over a month in GS format along with Voices of Native America, Dream Experience and Street Beats. I\'ll check on it.
    Thanks for the info

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    Re: What\'s going on with QupArts??

    Me again. Qup has been shipping the GigaSampler versions for a while now. Doug said to be sure and call them (800-454-4563) and they can get it to you. They were re-designed for the GigaSampler. The source was from Akai, Sample Cell and Audio CD, whatever it took to get all the samples possible for the GigaSampler format.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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