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Topic: DreamExperience

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    Does anyone know anything about the Dream Experience Sample CD by QUP Arts?

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    Re: DreamExperience

    great CD-ROM, very good trance-styled sounds. Unfortunately many pads are in mono (on the AKAI version, don´t know if a native GS version exists)...

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    Re: DreamExperience

    Native version exists now. Some sounds are mono, others are stereo. It doesn\'t completley take advantage of the large loading capacity of the GigaSampler on a single instrument basis. All the instruments are tiny (in GS size anyway) Bassically what you can do is (with 1.6 or from the desktop) batch load dozens of these synth sounds at once and audition and use them very quickly. We added sweepable filters to most of the sounds. The sounds playback normally when they load up. You press the sustain pedal (used as a dimension, sustain is defeated) to access the filters and sweep with the Mod Wheel. This is the best set of good old fasion synth sounds for samplers I\'ve seen
    Dave of NemeSys

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