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Topic: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

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    Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    I\'m looking for a great jazz drum sample CD. The description of the Peter Erskine living drums sounds like it fits the bill. Anyone actually been using these?

    It might be nice to have a web page or post location of sample CD collections for various objectives. For example, from what I\'ve read, the Larry Seyer Bass would be a good choice for jazz composition as well.

    Users could submit their setup with an audio or MP3 sample using their sample recommendations.



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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    Hey Patrick,

    I just got Living Drums last week. I haven\'t had a chance to do any creation yet, but I can tell you that the sounds are excellent. I comes with full kits, a general kit (Yamaha \"Stanley Dan\") and a jazz kit. I just finished making my .gig\'s (it isn\'t GS formatted, so you\'ll have to convert from Akai), and its very comprehensive. Every snare, kick, tom, crash, ride, etc. has atleast 4 velocity splits; most have 6, and I even found one with 9! I might take some time to customize it to exactly the way you want, but it will be worth it. It even comes with some pretty cool loops too, although I don\'t get into loops that much. This library has by far the best multi-sampled jazz kit out there, the general kit even stacks up pretty well with the Clearmoutain.

    By the way, what are you using in terms of an upright bass? I have the Will Lee Bass library which is great, but doesn\'t really have a upright acoustic.

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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    The Seyer Bass is absolutely killer.

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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    Actually, I\'m still using my Roland synth for rhythm section, but every opinion on this forum says Larry Seyer is the best.

    It\'s amazing how these darn samples spoil you. Once you get started, it\'s hard to have any part of your setup be non-sampled.


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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    I have finished a song, including Erskine\'s \'Steely Dan Set\' and Percussion loops from the \'LatinGrooveFactory No.1\'.
    I\'ve encoded the song to .mp3 format, but I see no possibility to send it.


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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    Just go to

    There you can DOWNLOAD or UPLOAD your
    Songs and Sounds to be available for other

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    Thanks for the complements on the Larry Seyer Bass. I can vouch for it since me and Jim are the ones who put it together after Larry recorded it. It\'s a 180 old upright bass with multi velocities (up to 4 on some keys,) and slides up and down at fast and slow speeds. (editing out the groans and \"ouches!\" between the slides was a little harrowing. His fingers have since healed.)
    Anyway, it\'s a ways off but Larry is working on some cool drums so between the GigaPiano (also recorded by Larry) and the Bass and drums, we will have the ultimate sampled \"trio\" Until then, the P.Erskine drums are a great choice for Jazz drums
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Anyone own and used Peter Erskine Drums?

    Sorry Manfred,
    I know this page. Here\'s an excerpt from:

    By uploading your sounds you give Northern Sound Source the right to use and redistribute them in anyway they see fit.

    That\'s not the way I want to do it.


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