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Topic: Most commonly used software sampler?

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    Most powerful software sampler?


    I have been using Gigastudio 4 since it was released, and before that used pervious versions of Gigastudio. I am thinking of switching to software that is current and can take advantage of newer technology (for instance quad-core processors).

    What are some of the most powerful and widely used software samplers available that can import .gig files? Are there general issues when importing .gigs into these programs, or is everything the same once the files are imported? One program I began to look into is Kontakt-- have many users here had experience with it?


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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    I also see Halion can import .gigs, and the website specifically mentions multicore support. Anyone had experience using it? Opinions of Halion vs Kontakt?


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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    Kontakt 5 is probably your best bet. Tons of libraries coming out make use of Kontakt's advanced scripting capabilities. There are others, but Kontakt seems to be the most common at present. And it can import .gig files as well. I use my old Sam Horns Giga library in Kontakt 5.

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    Thanks, I'll take a detailed look into Kontakt.

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    A few basic questions about Kontakt--

    With Gigastudio, I load .gig instruments into channels, and use Sonar as a sequencer to control them. I set each Sonar midi track to send info to a specific port and channel in Gigastudio. Gigastudio then outputs to my sound card.

    Does Kontakt work the same way? Are there limitations on number of ports/channels/or polyphony? Also can fine-tuning (in cents) be set for each channel like in Gigastudio?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    There are many discussions on this subject in the Giga Tech section of the forum...

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    Looked though the Tech Forum briefly, and also did an advanced search in all forums for "Kontakt," "Kontakt standalone," etc. There are lots of posts, but it's difficult to find the specific posts that address this topic.

    Anyhow, on Kontakt's site I found:

    Both KONTAKT 5 PLAYER and KONTAKT 5 can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as a plug-in (VST/ AU/RTAS)

    So I imagine it should be similar....

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    Okay, I've started a different thread under the Giga Tech forum to continue this discussion.

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    Best way to use Kontakt is as a vst plugin in your host sequencer. Load it like any other vst. You then have I think 16 midi channels, and you assign the midi channels of your sequencer to Kontakt's. It's pretty easy. And you can load multiple instances of Kontakt. I've got a template right now with 4 instances of Kontakt 5, and 5 instances of Vienna Ensemble.

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    Re: Most commonly used software sampler?

    Okay, thanks. I can give that setup a try.

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