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Topic: Street Beats

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    Street Beats

    Does anyone out there own the Street Beats GS library? What is it like? I\'m looking to get a GS plus some hip-hop/R&B type sounds.

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    Re: Street Beats

    This library rocks! It\'s very small (only about 200 megs total or so) The GigaSampler version (now shipping at Qup arts) has all the sounds of the existing formats but they are consolidated and the Kicks and snares are completley accessible on a small keyboard. Kicks are on black keys and snares are on white keys. The Mod wheel changes between 4 banks of snares and the foot controller changes between 4 banks of kicks. Most of the other sets are chromatic and ready to play. It\'s a very cool and simple library
    Have fun
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: Street Beats

    This CD isn\'t bad--but Street Beats--maybe from the Mean Streets Of Hollywood----This CD is useful--but lacks any real street cred!! Come to think of it-there really isn\'t a fresh hip-hop, r+b package out there--problem is that by the time it comes out-it\'s already dated!! Don\'t look into East West\'s Ill Jointz--it smells...bad----sounds like the whole damn thing is done with k2000 presets---

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