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Topic: Kontakt 5 / Halion Comparision

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    Kontakt 5 / Halion Comparision


    I've visited the Native Instruments website, but found the available info seems geared to people familiar with the product and/or highlights a bunch of tools to play with loops and filters-- not at all what i'm interested in.

    In contrast Steinberg has a very detailed explination of Halion 4.5 that makes it easier to imagine it as a replacement for GS4. From what I've read on forums, Kontakt may be more powerful and widely used, but I'm having trouble finding info to compare the two programs.

    Does anyone have a good place to find technical info on Kontakt 5? Or have any comments about replacing GS4 with either program?

    I would prefer to continue to use the program I buy as a standalone sampler with Sonar as a midi sequencer. For the time being, I will continue to use .gig libraries. The system I will run this on is a laptop w/ Ivy Bridge 3610 processor, 16gb ram, dual SSD drives, and either the RME babyface or Alva nanoface USB interface.


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    Re: Kontakt 5 / Halion Comparision

    Just wanted to give an update-- I've downloaded a demo of Kontakt and looked into this some. While many here may be familiar with this already, I thought I'd write a quick follow-up incase there are others that were wondering the same question.

    Both programs have multicore support. The biggest differences I could find between Kontakt and Halion, is that Kontakt has an excellent "script editor" (this was mentioned to me in an earlier thread here) which allows you to write programs to edit sample behavior where as Halion has a less capable feature they call "Megatrig". It is quite easy to learn to work with the script editor by looking through documentation online, and looking over scripts that other people have written. I am especially interested in microtuning- and Kontakt is excellent for this purpose.

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    Re: Kontakt 5 / Halion Comparision

    Why would you use it standalone? That makes NO sense...

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    Re: Kontakt 5 / Halion Comparision

    I wrote that with Gigastudio in mind. Just want a stable set-up. I probably won't use Kontakt as a standalone app.

    Motu's MachFive is another option that I will test. MachFive incorporates technology from IRCAM, reads scala tuning files, has script editing capabilities, and can open .gig files without needing to import them.

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    Re: Kontakt 5 / Halion Comparision

    Quote Originally Posted by wcreed View Post
    Why would you use it standalone? That makes NO sense...
    To create your own libraries.

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