I don\'t know how HALion RAMsave really works, but I think the VSTi API should evolve to allow all VSTi\'s to the following:

Upon opening an SX project (or Logic, etc), all VSTi\'s search the MIDI tracks that are attached to them to determine which samples to load. If you plan on playing live through a MIDI keyboard or something, then you would turn off that option in the VSTi. So instead of this being a proprietary HALion thing, it becomes part of the VSTi API. I imagine the VSTi API would need to be changed so that the VSTi\'s can query the MIDI tracks.

Are you with me? That way, Atmosphere, etc wouldn\'t be loading tons of samples. The user would then need to have the VSTi redo the MIDI track scan to reflect changes in the MIDI track. I personally think this would be very innovative and powerful. And MIDI tracks are so small, so this process would be very rapid.