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Topic: Trumpets Sneak at Sam's!

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    Trumpets Sneak at Sam\'s!

    That all I want to say.

    Except, when closing the MP3, you have to click back to the sneak preview to hear the other articulations.

    Can\'t wait for a more musical demo.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Trumpets Sneak at Sam\'s!

    FINALLY!!!!! The warm resonance of the hall is captured!!!! Sounds great so far!!! WHEN WILL WE HAVE THEM???!!!!!


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    Re: Trumpets Sneak at Sam\'s!

    Eureka! I emailed SAM way back after I bought the horns and asked if they would work on a more \"polished\" release of SAM Trumpets. They said they were working on something \"exciting\" and I wouldn\'t be disappointed. Well, I\'m not now! YES! If there\'s one library that pulls off badass brass....it\'s SAM.


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