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Topic: Any info about the Vintaudio Steinway?

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    Any info about the Vintaudio Steinway?

    Franky, can you share any information about the Steinway you\'re working on? As in:

    Are you close-micing it, like your uprights, or going for a more distant, classical perspective? (The former, I hope--I use the uprights for songwriting, and would like a full Steinway for the same purpose, although I worry it could be a little overpowering.)

    Players perspective?
    Any way to estimate a release date, etc.?

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    Re: Any info about the Vintaudio Steinway?

    Hi Jake, the library will be in the same format the Yamaha comes in which means 6 recorded velocities pedal up and pedal down, with up to 20 second decay on lower notes and full decay for upper octaves, but nothing below 20 seconds absolutly no loops used as usual.

    3 Recorded mic positions, Player Perspective, Ambient and Close Miked for a total of 12 gigs of samples in 24 bits, basically you can look at all the info for our Yamaha C7 piano collection and it all applies to the Steinway. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate

    Vintaudio Prod.

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