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Topic: Problem loading/playing IO Moods as VST plug-in

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    Problem loading/playing IO Moods as VST plug-in

    I am running Aria/IO as a VST plug-in in SONAR X1.I am having problems playing individual voices after I load a mood ensemble. I think this may be to do with not being able to drag and drop the ensemble preset as described in the manual.

    "When ARIA is used as a plug-in from within a host program, the Drag and Drop method must be used to load ensemble files. This can be done as follows: With the ARIA player interface displayed, open the "Ensembles" folder/directory to display the numbered collection of ensemble files ..."

    Well that ounds simple but i can't find a way to open a numbered list! The only way I have found to load the mood ensembles is: ensemble window (L click)>instant orchestra>moods>patch name (L click again) Can you help me find the correct way to "open the "Ensembles" folder/directory"?


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    Re: Problem loading/playing IO Moods as VST plug-in

    Hello, Simon - That's a strange quote from the manual. I've never used any drag n' drop with ARIA. I vaguely recall that being talked about a long time ago, but I've never tried it, because there would be no advantage to it. When you want to open an Ensemble, you just click the Ensemble browser at the top of ARIA and open the list.---

    I'm confused also --because in your opening paragraph, you're talking about having an Ensemble open - but later it sounds like you can't open the Ensembles--?

    But this I think I understand--You said, "...I am having problems playing individual voices after I load a mood ensemble..."

    I guess I'm not completely positive about what you mean by "playing individual voices"--but I think you may have been loading ensembles which have layers set to the same MIDI Channel. That's one way Instant Orchestra achieves its big sound - some ensembles have everything on one channel, so you play a note, and all those layers play. When that's the case, then you can't play "individual voices." But if you change the programming, then you're not getting the sound of that particular Ensemble.

    Notice though that the Ensembles are made from the instruments available in the regular browsers. They're nice pre-sets, and examples of the sort of custom layering you could do.

    So, if you want an individual voice, you need to load that instrument on its own.


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