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Topic: A GPO and IO demo from me...

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    A GPO and IO demo from me...

    Garritan doesn't feature too prominently in my repertoire of late, but I started out with it, and given a good layer treatment (much like Randy has described in his excellent post) it can be used for what I'm doing at the moment - cinematic style music.

    I took the first 30 or so bars of John Williams' Jurassic Park theme and using GPO and IO I created this demo.

    Some EQ, mastering and my usual Arts Acoustic reverb applied. (I do this will all my tracks).


    Some definition in the strings is lost on the starting string/horn phrases, but overall I think it's a nice result.
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    Re: A GPO and IO demo from me...

    Aaaah, that sounds juicy, big and wonderful, doing complete justice to Williams' music, which should always have those qualities.

    Excellent work, and a great demo of how GPO and IO can compliment each other.

    Thank ye for the inspiring post, Graham!


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