I have a friend that wants to help him put together a recording system .
After he spent his spending money on a Yamaha 02R96 and Montu\'s latest soundcard and interface[I think its a 2408 mk 2 firewire] and 2 AMD XP2200 computers[one for the sequencer and one for giga]and spending $500 to a employee of the store were he bought it all from ,to hook it all up, he was finally informed that the 02r wont work with his setup.

So the Samash store said they would give him all his money back on the Yamaha board towards items in the store.
So he\'s thinking of getting the latest Protools setup.
Im trying to talk him out of it and to use the money on other things in the store to complete a working recording system.

2 questions
Are there really any advantages of Protools if he doesnt care about compatability with other studio\'s .All the recording will be done at his location [no need to send hard drives to other studio\'s for the rest of the projects].

Second question If the consences is to use another sequencer other than Protools then , what is a midi mixing desk of choice, compatable with current sequencers?