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Topic: Sonic Implants Les Paul Guitar (song also)

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    Sonic Implants Les Paul Guitar (song also)

    Hello again,

    This is a bit change of pace going from a slow orchestral song to a hardcore rock song, but I grabbed my ol\' Les Paul soundfont I bought a few months ago at sonic implants and used it for a song. This is the credits music after a trailer I\'m doing at the Siggraph 2003 convention in San Diego this coming July.

    I used plugin Wave Hammer for compression, and used my mouse on the fine tuner for realtime expression with the solo lead. Everything in this is sequenced. I only panned the backup guitar to hard right and left, and let everything else come down the center channel. There are 3 layers to the drumset. I put in harmonics for the lead guitar in some places, but I don\'t think the volume was high enough to hear. See what you think.


    Jared Hudson

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    Re: Sonic Implants Les Paul Guitar (song also)

    Good stuff! The lead guitar ofcourse won\'t fool anyone but still, this is an excellent demo for the Sonic Implants stuff!! I would send it to them as a end user demo. Keep on-a-rawkin!!!

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    Re: Sonic Implants Les Paul Guitar (song also)

    Kewl, reminds me of ending DBZ music, hehehe [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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