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Topic: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

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    Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    I know that this piano lib got great reviews in this forum.
    Even with my expectations hightened by these reviews I was still completely knocked out by this lib.
    Super Super playable.
    Beautiful work. Highest compliments.

    This is still not my ideal yamaha. I mean the piano itself. Not quite bright enough and the low end is a bit weak.
    But it is sampled and programed beautifully.
    I can\'t stop playing this thing!!

    I previously made similair comments about about Worras studio 88.
    It also is a great sample lib of a piano that does not knock me out.

    But I can\'t compliment these guys enough.
    They are truly delivering pianos that ARE the instrument.
    Any issues with the lib is just about the actual piano.
    Just like every recording session I have ever done. Its always about the piano. How it sounds, tuned, voiced, maintained. etc.

    Franky knocked this one out of the park.

    My only request to developers is to KEEP making piano libs!!!
    I own almost all of them.
    I will keep buying them.

    I would also like to thank Franky for the excellent cusomer service.
    Much appreciated.

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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    Agreed, to absolutely everything. My two favorite libraries are Worra\'s SG88 & Franky\'s C7. The number one reason for both being atop my list is not the sound, it\'s the playability. They are both joys to play & both sound very good, with a little \"custom tweaking\". Worra\'s piano just needed a boost in the low mids (much more effective in this particular case than cutting the \'slightly\' harsh mids) & Franky\'s needed a \"kick in the low end\" (a large diaphragm mic toward the end of the soundboard on the \"ambient\" set would have solved this), and a low pass filter added to the pp layer. Both libraries respond very well to EQ, remaining natural & pure sounding. Worra\'s stands atop in playability & sound, in my book, with Franky\'s just a fraction of a step back. They are \"it\" when it comes to sampling pianos!

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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    Thanks guys for your comments on the SG88! Glad you like it.
    I\'ve got some interesting pianos scheduled later this year and at least one is probably something that you could be interested in! Write me a line at per@biggagiggas.com since there are a couple of things I\'d like to discuss with you!

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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    Thx for the nice comments guys, always apreciated.
    As for EQ, I always prefer leaving the original recording unEQ\'d as much as possible and let the costumer find his own sweet spot, some like more low end some not, it all depends what kind of project you\'re doing, I always prefer my samples as neutral as possible cause I\'m pretty fussy about EQ (btw there was a mic recording things at the end of the soundboard in the close miked version only obviously, miking the end of the soundboard for the Ambient or Player Perspective would\'ve literally defeated the purpose of these 2 instruments [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ).

    Guys, we should have a Steinway coming your way in a couple of months, I\'ll keep you informed. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vintaudio Prod.

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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7


    I agree with your aversion to using EQ.
    on a piano its almost always a loosing proposition.

    I firmly believe that if i rented that exact yamaha I would have the exact same issue with the piano as I do with it in you lib.

    In other words: Incredible job sampling it !!

    I have never found the Perfect recording piano. Every one I have ever rented has an issue somewhere.
    Great mids - weak low end
    Harsh mids - no air on top to the highs
    Keep sampling them. I will keep buying.

    To Franky and Worra - I will absolutely buy your next piano libs. No question.
    I just need to figure out how to afford the VSL pro edition upgrade and the new G5 dual 2ghz.

    Anybody have a good template for printing $100 bills?

    Piano joe - good call on the boosting the lower mids. I am \"cut don\'t boost\" kinda engineer. But I tried your method and it does balance out the sg88 nicely.
    Worra- please make a yamaha!
    Franky - my order is in for the new Steinway

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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your C7 review. I have the PMI Steinway now and really love it on many different styles, but if struggles (without radical EQ) to handle the pop/country/up tempo jazz stuff.

    As a session player I have used the C7 (and D7) quite a bit. It seems many studios have them (a good value for them and a decent sound). Do you have PMI Steinway and if so, how do they compare as \'you play them\'. The demos sound terrific but hopefully you know what I am after here.

    I won Kontakt recently on this board and am itching to put it to good use with a piano libary (thus freeing up my giga system from the pedal holding poly hungry piano tracks.) Many thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7


    I do own the PMI steinway (yes I am obsessed)

    Night and day.
    These libs are complete opposites in terms of concept.

    I would agree with the overused description that pegs the PMI as a classical asthetic and the SG88 or Vintaudio C7 as pop sounding pianos.

    But IMHO that does them all an injustice.

    I found the PMI steinway to be very dark, very dull, and more than a bit noisy. (hiss)
    Not my taste at all.

    But most in this forum would loudly disagree with me.
    Its just a matter of taste and application.

    I hear things from the mixers perspective - not the players.
    The PMI does not sit well at all in a mix in anything other than a legit context.
    It takes far too much eq to even begin to get it in the ballpark.
    Meaning it was not miked the way I would have done so.
    I just used the PMI in an orchestral mockup and it fit perfectly. In this context it required very little eq. And it was just ambient enough to sound right but not too distant as to sound disembodied from the orchestra.
    But it does not work for me in any other genre. Not even acoustic jazz.

    The vintaudio C7 is not as bright as most yamahas found in busy studios. But it has a lot of meat in the mids. Really a nice piano sound. Very playable.
    The SG88 is brighter but not it the way I wish it was. Its very harsh in the upper mids.
    Thats just the way the piano is.
    With some tweaking both are very usable in a mix.
    I am using both and its a toss up on any given day which I pick.

    I completely understand the piano sound you are looking for.
    Either of them could be it for you.

    I did import them both into kontakt.
    The C7 must use dsd which depending on your computer can be a problem.
    I made a version of the SG88 thats smaller and fits into ram so it does not need dsd.

    I was about to give an opinion of which to pick if I had to chose only one of them and I just can\'t.
    Its not alot of bread for both. and totally worth it.

    Hope any of this post answered your question!

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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the very thorough review. I do appreciate it. Sounds like I can\'t go wrong with either one. I am then probably gravitating towards the Yamaha - only because it\'s the \'devil I know\'.

    They offer a Kontact version. Is there a problem with this version working in my SX (Cubase) computer - running XP?

    I wish I had $$ for both but I am taking the plunge into VSL (and an new puter) this week. Gonna be poor for a spell!!

    Franky, can you chime in on the possible Kontact issue. Thanks.


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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    Hi Rob, Kontakt version has no problems at all, in fact it\'s my favorite 24 bit sampler to play the library.
    As long as you got plenty of Ram and a fast HD you\'re all set.

    It comes either on 12 cds or 3 DVDs, I highly recommend the DVDs. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    If you have any other questions please do not hesitate.


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    Re: Vintaudio Yamaha C7

    I was going to add to the thread that there were some issues for some people with Kontakt when bouncing tracks (mixing down) in cubase for instance, but that issue seems to have been corrected in the new version of Kontakt released today [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Vintaudio Prod.

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