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Topic: Wanted: Beta Testers

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    Wanted: Beta Testers


    The finishing touches are being added to a new drum library for GigaStudio. It has a few unique aspects, and so there is a need for some individuals to try them out and comment on the experience. The full library will be about 6 GB in size.

    It has been created primarily for the up-tempo, \"progressive\" rock sound, and the need is for people who enjoy such drum programming, are knowlegable about it, and/or are interested in an easier way to get more realism out of sampling.

    The ideal candidate includes all of the above and also likes metal. This is far from necessary, but close to the inspiration and execution of the library.

    The idea is that you will receive files you can keep and use in your work, and in return you will provide honest, complete feedback about what you do and do not like about the product design. In fact, if you really don\'t like it the product may not be released; therefore we must choose beta testers carefully.

    If interested, please email your evening phone number to beta1alpha@yahoo.com, along with several possible times to reach you. Any online links to realistic-sounding drums you have would be a real plus (though please, no file attachments to the e-mail!).

    If appropriate you will be contacted for a brief interview, and if that goes well you\'ll be mailed the installation CD. The focus is quality, not quantity, as this is more a labor of love and less of a would-be business empire... so if you know what you\'re talking about please get in touch.

    Best regards,

    1Alpha Virtual Instruments

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    Re: Wanted: Beta Testers

    Sounds interesting, although I am personally not sending my phone number to a yahoo.com e-mail address.

    Just a thought for those valuing their privacy.

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    Re: Wanted: Beta Testers

    Hey, I like drums. Send me an email.

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    Re: Wanted: Beta Testers

    Hey Mourn, I\'m serious, I\'ll be more than happy to beta test some drums for ya. If you wanna demo of my real-time midi drum playing, [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] please give me an email.

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