I thought it would be a good idea to announce this because it is sort of a quiet update. My company, Sonic Reality came out with a drum library called \"Interactive Drum Kits and Snares\" through our world-wide distributor ILIO. It\'s been one of our best sellers and won some awards (Key Buy, Granny\'s pick of the day etc.) Anyway, originally it was done on the Akai and meant to be played on an Akai sampler only. We also did native E4 versions, Kurzweil, Roland and SampleCell versions. But, for anyone wanting to read it from software samplers like Giga, EXS and others it was difficult to import.

Now for the good news. We have an updated version we call \"Akai Universal\" which means that it was done in Akai format still but with the idea that it will also work well when read by other format samplers. So, this version imports very nicely in Kontakt, Giga, EXS, HALion, Battery, Reason with Reload and others. It sounds really good and is very expressive for playing your own parts. It\'s been used on a lot of records where people couldn\'t tell it wasn\'t a real kit. I don\'t want to go name dropping though... it\'s usefulness to you should speak for itself (ie. if you want to program acoustic drums that sound punchy and real but are flexible for your own processing then get this!).

For anyone who already has Interactive Drums Akai, this disc is a free upgrade so all you have to do is email us: support@esoundz.com and if you bought it at www.esoundz.com then we can just look up your order to qualify you for the free upgrade. Otherwise, we\'d just need you to fax your proof of purchase or email it. If you bought it from ILIO we could probably check with them to verify. The only charge might be the shipping although \"if\" you wanted to buy say World Traveler (new) or something else from esoundz then we\'d just throw the Drums disc in the package and you\'d save the extra shipping cost. The sample material is the same but optimized for friendly results importing and there are more patch programs with different combinations of full and ala carte drum kits and elements. Both I-Map and GM map kits are there sounding just right.

For anyone who doesn\'t have this disc you can get it from any ILIO dealer or straight from us at www.esoundz.com Sorry to sound salesy. I really wanted to just make sure that anyone who had it already and wants better exporting to other formats OR anyone who really wanted it before but hesitated because we said to wait for this version... well, now it is here. There is a demo of it on esoundz I believe if you want to check it out.

We hope you like it. I do. The other thing that is going to happen eventually is a sequel but I\'ll be talking about that later. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Incidentally, we have a new company forum on Northern Sounds (Sonic Reality/esoundz forum) so come by and visit us down there!