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Topic: So how did I do?

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    So how did I do?

    Hi All,

    I recently finished reworking an ambitious piece for orchestra. While I think I did a pretty good job, I\'d like ideas for how to improve the orchestration and the mix. It\'s a very contrapuntal piece and I\'ve run out of ideas for how to make it better. This is the first pass at the mix, in a second pass I\'ve nudged the solo trumpet and percussion a bit louder, but that\'s about it.

    The libraries used were GOS, DDSB, Sam Horns and Bones, DDSW and LOP. Here\'s a link;


    If you don\'t like the piece it\'s pretty much set in stone, if you have suggestions about the orchestration or the mix, I\'m all ears. The idea is to have something to present with the score to interest orchestras in playing it (wish me luck, I\'ll need it). Thanks.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: So how did I do?

    Well, I have to say I\'m disappointed. I was hoping someone here would be interested in helping. Was I really mistaken?


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    Re: So how did I do?


    We\'ve all been too engaged fighting over whether Macs or PC\'s are better!

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    Re: So how did I do?


    I like it especially between 5:00 and 6:00 and around 7:45 and 9:20. I like the contrasts of tension and resolution that shift suddenly. I think it\'s a good composition!

    On the mixing side, I think the violins and the basses are too hard-panned. It\'s quite difficult finding my balance when I listen through my headphones. Also, the woodwinds (especially the flute)are too loud from 1:50 to 2:20. I find it unrealistic for a flute to project that loud at such a low range. I also think that a bit more reverb can help gel everything together better - but I\'m not really sure because I have my own struggles with reverb as well :-)!

    The tubular bell is awesome!


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    Re: So how did I do?

    Very nice. Sharmy nailed it \'tho with the fact that it\'s hard to comment on that long a piece. So much there. I get nervous posting anything longer than 1 1/2 mins. :-) Consider yourself lucky, I posted on Fri and got zilch. Then again in an attempt to keep comp-posts out of this header, I put it up in Garys area, but this is clearly where the traffic is.
    Nhick and Sharms comments on verb hold true for me, as well as the hard pan comment. All that being said it is an interesting piece and you are right, it would be nice to hear an orchestra play it.

    Nice amount of hits over there at MP3 by the way.
    Also, what trumpet was that?


    edit: Just re-read, and saw the irony of .. \"comp-post\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: So how did I do?

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your ears. The trumpet is SAM and DDSB with one exception. The wailing trumpet near the end is mostly a virtual model on my EX5, none of my samples quite got high enough. I doubled it with the Dan Dean trumpet so as it gets lower it becomes more DDSB.

    I\'ll work on the reverb and panning (I hear it too). My strength, as Sharmy noted, is not production, but composition. Still in this day you gotta be good at both, unless getting orchestral performances is not a problem (maybe for John Williams). In any case I will work on remixing this piece again to get more reverb and less panning. I may even bury that early low flute part (or double it with something else).

    Thanks again.


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