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Topic: JABB unison lines

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    JABB unison lines

    I am working on a full jazz ensemble piece that has parts where the trumpets are playing unison. Whenever I do this I get a very bad phasing sound.

    I am using JABB 2 with Pro Tools 9. I am using trumpet 1, trumpet 2, trumpet3, and trumpet 4 samples.

    I have tried:
    Randomizing the midi between the tracks
    adjusted the var1 and var2 knobs
    setting the tuning on trumpet 2 to 2.00 and then transposing the midi down 1 whole step.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: JABB unison lines

    As long you are using different trumpets (Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, etc) on the unison line, there shouldn't be phasing as multiple trumpets were recorded. I've never had a phasing issue myself. So I'm not sure what would be causing your phasing issues.

    You should post these issues on the Garritan forum on this site.


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    Re: JABB unison lines

    Hi Brian,

    I use JaBB all the time and have not had a phasing problem w/ unisons.

    Here's some points ... because if you are not doing this, I can understand unisons getting phase-ey.

    1.- If you are not playing the lines in (each trumpet part) one at a time, in real-time, you need to alter the start and end times of every note. I have not found programs to do this as well as actually dragging the starts/stops on every note.

    2.- Add plenty of unique cc1 to each trumpet part. This helps a lot ... but you can't do it to trumpet 1 and copy it to trumpet 2, etc.

    3. - Add unique vibrato to each line ... same as item 2 ... you can't have matched, identical vibratos. Also, even if you don't want an exaggerated (or noticable) vibrato, a little will still help your situation without changing the charactor of your lines.

    I've never had to do the extreme detuning you tried, nor play with var controls (I would use those more for rapid-fire sequences of same-pitch notes).

    Good luck!


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