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Topic: Problem with IO MIDI assignments

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    Problem with IO MIDI assignments

    Hello all,

    first I must admit that I am no musician, just a software pro & technician, who is playing a little bit with sound design for friends. So just bought Basic Steinway and IO for working with in Live 8 on a Mac Pro. I use various keyboards and iPads as Midi Controller and have gathered some experience with Live 8 and MIDI instruments.

    Now my problem with IO (manuals did not help): if the Midi assigment in the Aria player for an instrument is other than "OM" or "1" (both assignments react on any MIDI input channel) there is no output although Live shows that there is a Midi signal incoming.

    Please apologize in advance if I made some stupid mistake or misunderstood the general concept of the Aria player.

    Edit: Tried now with Genome MIDI Sequencer sending parallel tracks in different MIDI Channels without success. MIDI Monitor shows correct data flow.
    Edit2: Tried Reaper64 and had access any instrument group just by switching the MIDI Channel on the MIDI keyboard - what seems to be impossible in Ableton Live atm. Maybe I install Logic Pro and give it a try too.

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    Re: Problem with IO MIDI assignments

    Hello, Zauberfalke - I can't tell exactly from your post what the problem is. I'm guessing perhaps you're not familiar with working with a multi-timbral synth like ARIA. Let me outline a few things:

    --MIDI assignments in ARIA are in the little row of controls underneath each instrument slot. The number to the far right is where you set the MIDI channel for an instrument. Moving to the left, the next numbers are where you assign the audio outputs. They're labeled "1/2" through "31/32" - because there are 16 available stereo outs, and the numbers refer to the two mono sides of the stereo signals.

    --In your host program where you open ARIA as a VST, you need to have one MIDI track for each instrument, and an associated Audio track. Usually a program can set those up for you automatically, so that there's a flow of MIDI info, and the Audio tracks in the program are hooked up to the appropriate Audio outs from ARIA.

    --Selecting whatever MIDI track you want and playing your keyboard will trigger the ARIA instrument tuned in to that MIDI channel. You'll hear what you're playing, because, as per the above, the audio from ARIA is being piped through the Audio tracks in your project file.

    --There are 16 MIDI tracks available per instance of ARIA, and the same number of Audio tracks available.

    Does that help?


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    Re: Problem with IO MIDI assignments

    Hello Randy,

    great, thanks, this I got wrong but worked before with various multi-timbral instruments so I should know how to handle ...

    Now I got a template in Ableton Live with 16 tracks MIDI IN/ Audio OUT for Aria Player which works well so far.
    Reaper can do this automatically, Logic would add 16 hidden virtual audio tracks.

    But still on thing left (Ableton Live 8):
    1) empty ensemble
    2) load an instrument in slot 1
    3) assign a MIDI channel other than "OM" or "1", leave output assigned "1/2"
    4) set the Midi channel in the midi controller according
    5) although Live shows an incoming Midi signal, there is no audio output
    6) doing exactly the same in Reaper or in Logic is no problem and works as I expect

    Finally found an solution but this is really confusing (me !!!):
    - for every instrument in Aria Player have to add a MIDI track in Ableton and re-route the MIDI to the Aria "Track in" according to the MIDI channel.
    - for example:
    -- Instrument slot 1 is set to MIDI channel 3 then in Ableton set the MIDI track "MIDI to" to "Aria
    player" and "Track in" to "3-Aria player"
    -- Instrument slot 2 is set to MIDI channel 7 then in Ableton set extra MIDI track "MIDI to" to "Aria
    player" and "Track in" to "7-Aria player"

    In Reaper or Logic all 16 instruments slots in Aria player can be assigned 16 different MIDI channels with output assigned for all "1/2" and then any instrument can be played just by changing the MIDI channel in the Midi controller. Did not yet check any other DAWs yet.

    Thanks again, now I will dive deeper in IO, makes lot of fun,

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    Re: Problem with IO MIDI assignments

    Hi Michael,
    I use ableton 8 for all my music.

    The steps you describe are the ones I follow. I create one midi track and put Aria on it.

    I call this my 'Player' track.

    If I wanted to fill all 16 slots, I create 16 midi tracks, but also make sure in Aria the output channels are 1 to 16.

    On each MIDI track the input is the 'Player' track, and the tracks are then assigned Track 1, 2, 3 etc.

    I then simply 'arm' what ever tracks I want (CTRL click to arm multiple tracks), and then I play and record away.
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    Re: Problem with IO MIDI assignments

    Hello again, Michael - Graham "Plowking" has given you a to-the-point reply affirming what you said about using AIRA/IO in Ableton. These are the steps that you said are still confusing you - but that's just the way it works in Ableton. Insert MIDI tracks, and then manually set them up to be connected with ARIA. Ta da.

    Have fun with IO!


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