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Topic: Death and Remembrance

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    Death and Remembrance

    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Death and Remembrance

    I admire your piano playing so much, Sean. I play keyboard, but you're way out of my league when it comes to chops.

    And this piece, a bit heavy as it is, starting with its rather serious title, is like a condensed lesson in a wide range of styles. So many mood shifts into a succession of new sections which are each interesting and intelligent, and so well played.

    Thanks for the new Sean Damon piece!


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    Re: Death and Remembrance


    You have paid me a bigger compliment than you know. I actually rendered that performance through Overture SE with its little on-board sequencer.

    In fact, I can barely play the piano at all. So given your prowess in the art of sequencing, I am thrilled that you assumed the performance to be from my own fingers. It just shows that if one goes to the trouble to randomize all the various parameters in the file, one can produce a convincing performance.

    Thank you, sir!

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    Re: Death and Remembrance

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Damon View Post

    You have paid me a bigger compliment than you know. I actually rendered that performance through Overture SE with its little on-board sequencer...
    That's fantastic, Sean - OK, then I cannot imagine, SEriously cannot imagine laboriously entering the notes for something like this. More power to you! - No matter how you work, your talent shows through.


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    Re: Death and Remembrance

    Wow Sean ... nearly 16 minutes of music!

    You really took me on an interesting journey of moods. I was glad it evolved from the opening statements; so sad and brooding. I was pleasantly surprised to be taken to more uplifting places ... like I said, an interesting journey.

    I too am astonded to hear that, like many of us, you too are not a performing musician on piano ... whatever you do to keep your playing sounding like a live, concert piano performance, keep it up ... it sounds so impressive!



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    Re: Death and Remembrance


    Thank you for your kind remarks.

    I am so pleased to hear that my sequencing skills are refined enough to enable me to produce files that are satisfactory to the listener. It thrills me every time I think of the fact that I can now turn my hand-written scores into virtual performances that, through the art of sequencing, have the organic “singing” quality that one would expect to hear in a recording of music.

    Thanks for listening, Frank.

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    Re: Death and Remembrance

    Wonderful piece of piano work. As a piano player myself, I would have been fooled too by the sequencing, but only for the beginning chords are all a little too perfectly toned and on the beat. But I would have originally put that down to the sampled instrument used - possibly due to a lack of velocity layers.

    Your trills and other embellishments are spot on for sure.
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    Re: Death and Remembrance


    Thank you for your kind words on this piece.

    I have further adjusted the master file in an effort to enhance the realism of the opening chords.

    Working in notation as I do, it is critical that the note data be randomized as much as possible.

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