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Topic: Getting the hottest signal from a giga recording

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    Getting the hottest signal from a giga recording


    When I compose, I do it with headphones. I use Sennheiser HD580\'s, so I\'d think they\'re credible for mixing. The thing is....I can never get my recordings sounding super rich and loud like the demos you download off of places like www.soundsonline.com Are there good techniques to use to get that superb rich sound out of Gigastudio? On my headphones, it sounds great, but when I play it on normal speakers...it sounds quieter and more muffled than the rest in my playlist. I do some normalizing, and do even more volume increase, but it seems like I\'m only making the problem louder. Should I record every instrument track separate? Are there any good compression techniques to use for orchestral work? Sound Forge 6.0 for example.

    I run an Audiophile 2496 with Gigastudio 160 on Windows XP. My external speakers are Boston Acoustics BA7500 4.1 Dolby Surround speakers, so I don\'t know if that would be the problem with lack of clarity. Anyways, I need some advice. Thanks!

    Jared Hudson

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    Re: Getting the hottest signal from a giga recording

    As a general rule whatever your record, (single tracks or multiple tracks) record it at as high a volume as possible without clipping. You can adjust volumes later during mixdown / mastering.

    I didn\'t listen to your music so I don\'t know what genre you\'re aiming at, but for the most part you will need to learn a few things about compression and limiting your mix. You would be amazed what proper compression/limiting can do a mix. It has taken my music from standard home quality to cd/radio quality.

    I\'m sure others will chime in with better ideas, but spend a few hours on the net and research \"compression\" and \"limiting\", you be glad you did. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    hint: limiting can make your music louder/fuller without clipping. The drawback is that too much limiting can make your music lose it\'s \"dynamics\".

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    Re: Getting the hottest signal from a giga recording

    If you use Capture to Wave, make sure that you\'re capturing to 24-bits. The samples may be 16-bits, but by the time you apply the velocities, layers, expression control and mix, there\'s way more than 24-bits generated. That also makes it not as critical to keep the signals close to the rails. Keep it at 24-bits until you do your final render.

    I\'m no pro mixer, but I find that it\'s not just compression, but EQ that keeps things pleasantly hot. The top compression algorithms compress different bands differently. The compression available in Waves (drool) is one example.

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    Re: Getting the hottest signal from a giga recording

    Hi Jared! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I listened to the first tune on your site called \'dream\' and it was pretty loud and rich to me.. If you want it even louder you should get waves mastering bundle and master your mixes even harder. Waves Linear EQ, Waves Linear Multibandcompressor and waves L2 is a nice mastering setup for homestudios IMO (maybe you\'d like to put a compressor like Waves Renaissace compressor in that chain).

    Good luck


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