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Topic: very stereo fx

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    very stereo fx

    unusual fx
    These were recorded in many industrial facilities. mp3

    These samples were created with 24 reverbs, delays and harmonizers feeding back into each other. Only their inherent noise was used to make these sounds, no other signal source. The feedbacks were \"perfomed\" on a 64 channel Neve console at Sony studios into an 6 channel speaker setup. A binaural head placed in the middle of the studio was used to sample the sounds to stereo.
    The sound studio as musical instrument. (Don\'t try this at home you might blow you speakers! Some of the feedbacks can have extreme low frequency content ) mp3

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    Re: very stereo fx

    Sounds great the \"einstürzende Neubauten\"-style!What noises exactly did you sample?

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    Re: very stereo fx

    on the SFX patch the sounds include:
    lear jet at runway (i was there at end of the runway and this was the scariest thing I ever did in my life! what a rush!!), chains on huge ship propellers, lawnmower, copter, factory sirene, huge cooling fans for ship hull welding gear, plasma arc welding, industrial metal hole puncher, compressed air in tubes, metal hammering in large factory ambience, grinders, other metal shop machines and möre... you get the pictüre [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: very stereo fx

    Hi Franz,
    sounds interesting, what products are exactly related to these \"idustrial-sounds\", and how large are the libraries? I didn\'t find this information on your site...

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    Re: very stereo fx

    The ones I mentioned are all included with the fx_VR_SFX.gig file.
    There\'s some more stuff like that on that page .
    fx_Rotations is also quite weird, especially when you play these things 2 octaves below original pitch. They sound very ünüsüal. The binaural effect on these is totally cööl.

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