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Topic: GPO 4 and Samplitude 8

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    GPO 4 and Samplitude 8

    I am trying to run the VSTi GPO Ver 4 within Sam 8. Everything seems to be set up properly. System sees GPO, can open instrument editor, can load samples, midi controller working as I can see input levels on track and data recorded into track, all monitoring set up properly, can record midi events. . . . just can't hear anything through the GPO plug in. Funny thing is when I change the instrument to any other VSTi, everything can be heard fine during input as well as upon playback of. VERY frustrating . . anyone out there with any guidance?? Much appreciated!

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    Re: GPO 4 and Samplitude 8

    . . . 56 views . . no one has any feedback? Any insight might help. Thanks.

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