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Topic: OT: Corporate A/V Rates

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    OT: Corporate A/V Rates

    I posted this on the General Music Forum but nobody\'s home.

    I have been asked to score a three-minute \"industrial\" for a large (Fortune 500) company, and I would like to get a better idea of typical rates, retention of ownership issues, common practices, etc. Any input would be appreciated.

    The piece is to be used internally and played for their clients, but not broadcast. My intent is to charge a per-minute creative fee and license the music (i.e., retain ownership) for their intended uses, but I\'m open to suggestions. Thanks.

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    Re: OT: Corporate A/V Rates

    Anyone? I\'d be interested to hear this, too.

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    Re: OT: Corporate A/V Rates

    Well... I guess that is something different, but I heard an interview with American composer Christopher Rouse on CBC, and he said he usually gets 1500$ to 2000$ a minute for a commissionned classical/orchestral work.

    I know that has nothing to do with your case though, but I thought it would be interesthing to share.

    As for your case, I wouldn\'t go under 1k a minute for a complex arrangement.

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    Re: OT: Corporate A/V Rates

    It also depends on how badly you\'re trying to get your foot in the door with them.

    This is really a tricky question....the real players around here probably wouldn\'t want to share what they charge....it\'s pretty personal info that could benefit their competitors if it got out.

    The real answer is this: Try to get as much as possible without compromising the gig or the potential for future work.

    On the subject of future work...it\'s really pretty grey nowadays. There\'s no such thing as client loyalty anymore....well ok, it\'s becoming quite rare. So whenever someone tell you that if you give them a good rate there\'ll be more work to come, always take that with a grain of salt.

    I personally think that 1k/minute for a 3-minute industrial is a bit on the low side.....then again they could use some library music for about $90....hmmmm....let\'s think about this for a bit!

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