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Topic: video game tunes to check out

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    video game tunes to check out

    hi all,
    just wanted to get some feedback on a couple of game tunes we\'ve written. you can check them out here at



    the first one is a 35 second looping tune to go along with chossing the weapons and armor you\'ll use in the game

    the second is a longer battle tune...for a winter type of land scape.

    feedback on mixing and orchestration etc... all welcome



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    Re: video game tunes to check out

    is it me or is thre no sound playing on your link? i tried my media player and quicktime player and they seem to work but I\'m not getting anything when i click on your link.

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    Re: video game tunes to check out

    never mind i closed it and reopened it a few times, it works now.

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    Re: video game tunes to check out

    Seth, it\'s working for me.

    Check if you have mutes somewhere.

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