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Topic: VOTA Utility

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    VOTA Utility

    Hi every one

    how to use VOTA Utility

    how to setup midi io with EGO WAMI 24


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    Re: VOTA Utility

    You can search the forum with other reply regarding this...

    What you have to do is puting the utility between the midi sorce and the sampler.

    If you are using a keyboard, use:
    - Utility midi in: soundcard midi in
    - Utility midi out: Nemesys port 1

    - Gigastudio: None

    If you are using a sequencer, you must install a midi loopback driver:
    - sequencer voice track: midi loopback out 1

    - utility midi in: midi loopback in 1
    - utility midi out: Nemesys port 1

    - Gigastudio: None

    This help ???

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    Re: VOTA Utility

    Hi man

    very thanks

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