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Topic: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    in addition to the SI guitars, I still like the Steve Stevens power stuff (especially the dive bombs) and QLGuitar+Bass (mostly through amplitube). I even had some good results with the Slayer VSTi. Nothing beats the real thing though - what about posting in a guitar-related forum?
    bw, Sönke

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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    Personally I would just wing it. If you play at all, you could probably come up with something that sounds better (more real) than samples ever could. And perhaps do it quicker.

    Cut and paste.... chop, slice, cross-fade! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    That\'s what I would do. Just a thought.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    Hi all,

    So many here have saved me a lot of $$ over the last year (buying the wrong library). One more request - I have a project (low budget, so I can\'t hire a live body) that will be mostly pop/rock. The producer wants \'tons\' of guitar - one problem, I stink at guitar.

    Can anyone recommend a library that will handle (realistically) strat chords and tones, chunk distorted driving chords, lead, etc.

    I have heard Sonic Implants (great pricing)and Vintaudio (pricey but nice sound). Does anyone have experience with both or one of these? Have a missed a library? Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    I just listened to the demos for SI Guitars. WOW! I don\'t know if I\'m easily pleased or something but the les paul is incredible!! I have never heard a distorted, strumed rock guitar sound anything but cheesy, it sounds chunky and totally real! Fantastic!

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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    you could also wait for munsie or tob to get their stuff out for the heavier guitar stuff...

    then there\'s always me who keeps wanting to but always finds time to put it off.

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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    Thanks all for the input. Munsie and Tob, when do you anticipate a release. Perhaps a immediate solution would be to pick up the SI strats / Les Paul stuff and pick up the heavier items (through Tob or Munsie later on.)


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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    not strictly a library, but Wizoo/Steinberg\'s VSTi \"Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition\" is superb for riff based stuff and rhythm sections, and the effects section is pretty cool too.


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    Re: Elec Guitar Library recommendation

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Before I noticed your post I ordered the SI strat and cremey fuzz library (patience is not always virtuous - oh well.) From what I hear on the demos, it would fit this project perfectly (especially the strumming technique). I should have this Library in a few days and would happy to give my humble review of it if anyone is interested. At $79, it seems to be a good value.


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