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Topic: Help with Giga filter control

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    Help with Giga filter control

    I want to control the filter with mod wheel on a drum loop. I go into the editor, add low pass to the filter section, and dial down the cutoff frequency. I hit apply and I hear the difference. I go to the EG2 tab, select Mod wheel as modulation source, hit apply and try it out. There is no difference when I move the mod wheel. I want the mod wheel to increase the cutoff frequency, but it doesn\'t. This should be simple. What am I missing? Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Help with Giga filter control

    Its on the same tab as the filter type control, and the cutoff frequency setting. On the right hand side there should be a filter control option, you can select mod wheel here, then hit apply.

    you can also select maximum cutoff range. So that the frequency doesn\'t cutoff below a specific range.

    The EG2 tab is for filter modulation. This is for lfo controlled modulation. Setting the modwheel here controls the depth of the LFO response.

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    Re: Help with Giga filter control

    Thanks! You ARE the King!

    Now if we could only hear the changes as we tweak beforing hitting \"apply\". . .

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