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Topic: Harp Gliss Assignments

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    Post Harp Gliss Assignments

    Two parts to this. First, I'm having a hard time getting some of the harp gliss packets to work with aria as a standalone player. More than half of the packets play just fine but some, including Dim 7, Dom 7, Maj 7 and Min 7 won't load no matter which one scale tone I use. After bringing this to Garritan's attention, they told me that the gliss packets will only work with a sequencer and not as a stand alone -- then why do more than half work just fine without a sequencer?? Something for them to look into...

    Secondly, what I would like to do is play the gliss on one keyboard and assign the actual scale type to the white notes of a second keyboard. For instance, use the c3 key to assign an A7 gliss map, a d3 key to assign a Bb9 gliss map, etc. I have roughly 35 different harp scale types to assign. I don't want them to play but simply map the notes I already have using the aria packets. I did input individual scales into the aria player and, for the ones which played correctly, I saved them as .aria files. Now when I double click the saved file, it automatically sets the notes on the keyboard to that particular scale. Can I assign these same files to the white notes of a second kbd? Thanks for any help I can get!

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    Re: Harp Gliss Assignments

    Hi, Chimeguy

    I'm not surprised that support told you the harp packets are meant for DAW software. I have no idea why any of them would work in the stand-alone ARIA. In a recording program, which is a fairly essential thing to have if you're going to be a MIDI musician and/or composer, you import a harp packet in a track ahead of where you want the harp to play. Then, you run your fingers over your keyboard however you want, and the chord you chose will play.

    The second part of your question - I re-read it, tried to follow, but sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to do there.


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