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Topic: problem importing midi into SONAR

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    problem importing midi into SONAR

    Sometimes (particularly in a piano part) when I import a midi file, created from either FINALE or ENCORE notation software, a particular note will extend over multiple measures even though it may only be a quarter or half note. This is very noticeable in the piano roll view. I have had this problem for a long time and I grow weary from manual fixing the file.
    I am attaching a midi file, finale file and a pdf of the piano part. If anyone has any ideas on what causes this, I would appreciate any advice. This file just uses default note names so there are some pretty strange chord spellings. I correct this when creating a readable score.

    I would expect you to see the problem if you import the midi file.
    Thanks for any response. Jay


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    Re: problem importing midi into SONAR

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ... I would expect you to see the problem if you import the midi file...
    And you'd be right, Jay. I imported the MIDI file, and in both tracks, there are these freak notes that go on forever. Yikes - I've never seen that before, and have no idea what the cause is. --But then, I've never imported a file from notation to sequencer, just the other way around.

    Try playing around with settings in Interpolate. I did a bit of experimenting before replying:

    Edit>Interpolate if you're using X1, Process>Interpolate if you're using an older Sonar.

    Here's a brief explanation from Scott Garrigus to get you started, and there's quite a bit in the Help file:

    Garrigus Power Tips

    In my experiments, I checked to Exclude notes that were up to a maximum of 4 beats. Then on the second page, I typed in 4 beats (4:00) to be the maximum for the notes left. That shrunk all of the monster notes at once - but you'd probably want them all more like 1 or 2 beats. Play with that - I think you'll develop a quicker way to fix that anomaly than how you're presently doing it by hand.


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    Re: problem importing midi into SONAR

    Hello Jay,

    I prepare most of my scores in Finale then move across to Sonar via a MIDI file from Finale. I have never experienced the problem you describe. Presently I am using Finale 2012a and Sonar X1d. I tried all the files you posted and this is what I found.

    Your 'piano_sample.mus' File

    When I opened the .mus file in Finale (2012a) there were three staves labelled 2, 3 and 4; there was no stave 1. There were notes in staves 3 (treble clef) and 4 (bass clef). Stave 2 had nothing and there was no piano brace. I see you have Finale 2011b which I have also used without this problem.

    I'm not sure if the missing stave 1, the empty stave 2 and the missing piano brace contributed in any way to the mysterious held notes.

    Your 'piano_sample.pdf' File

    I presume this PDF file was exported directly from Finale so it's unsurprising that this file opened showing exactly the same as the .mus file.

    Your 'piano_sample.midi' File

    First I opened this in Sonar (Producer X1) and checked the Piano Roll View and, just as you find and Randy found, there are loads of notes held right across the score.

    The Solution

    I started with a totally new Piano score in Finale using the 'Set-up Wizard' and added a key signature. This opened the usual piano two-stave score with brace. I copied and pasted the notes from your file into the new score. Then I followed my usual work-flow and saved this as a Finale MIDI file to open in Sonar.

    Everything now works perfectly, no unexpected held notes. I have posted below my new 'solution' files, for you to try. you will notice the 'standard' piano staves in my files compared to the original files. As you have Finale 2011, you won't be able to open my Fin12 .mus file so I've included an XML file which you should be able to import into your Finale.

    Finale 2012a .mus File
    XML File From Finale 2012a
    New MIDI File From Finale 2012a
    New PDF File from finale 2012a

    Here are some screenshots of Sonar's PRV comparing your original files with the held notes to my new files.

    Screenshot 1 - Original MIDI file showing the problem in the opening 11 bars (measures).

    Screenshot 2 - My new MIDI file solution showing the same opening 11 bars (measures).

    Screenshot 3 - Original MIDI file showing the problem in bars (measures) 50 through 60.

    The unwanted held notes above look particularly 'messy' and, of course, are not written in the original score.

    Screenshot 4 - My new MIDI file solution showing the same bars (measures) 50 through 60.

    The held/ repeated B4 showing above is correct and is exactly as written in the score. The 'unwanted' held notes are resolved.

    My suggestion would be to go to the 'Setup wizard' and set-up a completely new piano stave then copy and paste stave by stave from your original file.

    I hope this helps, please let me know how it goes.

    Good luck.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: problem importing midi into SONAR

    Randy! I plan to check out the Garrigus power tips. I have never used the interpolate in Sonar. It always seemed kind of overly complicated to me, (my I.Q. is somewhere around 14, maybe 15 at best) so have avoided using it. From what you are describing, I now see that there is some value in learning how to use it. Thanks for responding.

    Michael! I did exactly as you suggested and It corrected the midi problem. Using the info that you gave me and a little more research, I am pretty sure I found the source of the problem. I have been using ENCORE notation software for years because it is so easy to use and it lets me enter ideas very quickly. I am certain now, that sometimes, for some reason, it must be adding some strange artifact to a midi file that causes the weird effect. Finale seems to be a much more robust program that can clean up ENCORES mess. I have put of using FINALE for years because I knew ENCORE very well and was resistant to change. This new revelation has made me a FINALE believer and I plan to use it exclusively for my notation needs from now on.

    I thank you both for your input and advice. It is much appreciated.

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