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Topic: New FREE samples package(wav)(voices)!

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    Thumbs up New FREE samples package(wav)(voices)!

    Because a part of you don\'t use Reason or preffer to use wav version of samples here :


    you can download the samples package version of DoruMALAIA-Voices01(natural01) (24,2 MB uncompressed). This package has archived like rar file and have now only 14,4 mb size ! You need WinRAR program to decompress this package .( If you don\'t have WinRAR , here can download for free the last version :
    http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm )
    DoruMALAIA-Voices01(natural01) samples package contains 32 wav voices samples , suitable for any genres of music !. These samples can be used in any program which know wav format ! All of these samples were recorded at 44100 hz/24 bit , processed and then dithered down to 16 bit ! All of those are original and produced by me !
    Ofcourse , the refill version (for Reason prog) of this package remains available at the same location !
    And samples package version and refill version are FREE ! Free to download , free to use (excepting sale actions or re-included on other public refills or samples packages). You can use these samples how you want in your compositions !

    Enjoy my friends !

    Doru MALAIA

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    Re: New FREE samples package(wav)(voices)!

    Your free stuff is great. I have them all. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Thank you.

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    Re: New FREE samples package(wav)(voices)!

    Hi Doru,

    This certainly is very generous of you to offer what looks like alot of work for free. Many thanks. Forgive my ignorance, but how would I use these in the giga format? Thanks in advance.


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    Re: New FREE samples package(wav)(voices)!

    Thank you my friends !
    Rob i don\'t know exactly , but i supose exist a converter from wav to giga samples !
    Wait a moment ...
    Find it ! Here :

    Awave Studio v8.8

    Do conversions from the about 200 audio related file formats that it can read (no kidding - you read that right - 200 formats!) into any of the 100 or so audio file formats that it can write!

    See this list :

    Awave Studio can Read (R) and/or Write (W) the following file formats:
    Ext. R/W Format
    404 R+W Muon DS404 Bank File.
    404 R+W Muon DS404 Patch File.
    669 R 669 tracker module.
    A3S R Yamaha A3000 sample files (no extension).
    AIFC R Compressed Audio Interchange File Format.
    AIFF R+W Audio Interchange File Format.
    AIS R Velvet Studio Instruments.
    AKP R+W Akai S5000/S6000 program file.
    ALAW R+W European telephony format audio.
    ALW R+W European telephony format audio.
    AMS R Extreme\'s Tracker module format.
    AMS R Velvet Studio Module.
    APE R+W Monkey Audio losslessly compressed files.
    APEX R+W AVM Sample Studio bank file.
    ARL R+W Aureal sound bank format.
    ASE R Velvet Studio Sample.
    ASF R = Active Streaming Format (audio part only).
    AU R+W Sun/NeXT/DEC Audio file.
    AVI R MS Audio Video Interleave file.
    AVR R Audio Visual Research sound file.
    BWF R Broadcast Wave File.
    C01 R Typhoon wave files.
    CDR R Raw Audio-CD data.
    DCM R DCM module format.
    DEWF R Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument format
    DIG R Digilink format.
    DIG R Sound Designer I audio file.
    DLP R DirectMusic Producer DLS file.
    DLS R+W DownLoadable Sounds level 1.
    DLS R+W DownLoadable Sounds level 2.
    DLS R+W DownLoadable Sounds level 2+.
    DMF R Delusion/XTracker Digital Music Fileformat.
    DR8 R+W FXpansion DR-008 drumkit.
    DSF R Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample Fileformat.
    DSM R Digital Sound Module tracker format.
    DSS R @ Olympus DSS file.
    DTM R DigiTrekker module.
    DWD R+W DiamondWare Digitized file.
    EDA R Ensoniq ASR disk image.
    EDE R Ensoniq EPS disk image.
    EDK R Ensoniq KT disk image.
    EDQ R Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image.
    EDS R Ensoniq SQ80 disk image.
    EDV R Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image.
    EFA R Ensoniq ASR file.
    EFE R+W Ensoniq EPS file - should work with all EPS-family!
    EFK R Ensoniq KT file.
    EFQ R Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file.
    EFS R Ensoniq SQ80 file.
    EFV R Ensoniq VFX-SD file.
    EMB R Everest embedded bank file.
    EMD R ABT Extended MoDule.
    EMY R+W EMelody Ericsson mobile phone ring-tone format.
    ESPS R ESPS audio files.
    EUI R Ensoniq EPS family compacted disk image.
    F2R R Farandoyle linear module format.
    F3R R Farandoyle blocked linear module format.
    F32 R Raw 32bit IEEE floating point values.
    F64 R Raw 64bit IEEE floating point values.
    FAR R Farandoyle tracker module.
    FFF R+W GUS PnP bank file format.
    FNK R FunkTracker module format.
    FSM R Farandoyle Sample format.
    FZB R+W Casio FZ-1 Bank dump.
    FZF R+W Casio FZ-1 Full dump.
    FZV R+W Casio FZ-1 Voice dump.
    G721 R+W Raw CCITT G.721 4bit ADPCM format data.
    G723 R+W Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM format data.
    G726 R+W Raw CCITT G.726 2, 3, 4 or 5bit ADPCM format data.
    GDM R Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards module format.
    GI! R GigaStudio/GigaSampler split files.
    GIG R+W GigaStudio/GigaSampler files.
    GKH R Ensoniq EPS family disk image file.
    GSM R+W Raw GSM 6.10 audio stream.
    GSM R+W Raw \'byte aligned\' GSM 6.10 audio stream.
    GSM R+W US Robotics voice modems GSM w.o. header / VoiceGuide / RapidComm.
    GSM R+W US Robotics voice modems GSM w. header / QuickLink.
    HCOM R Sound Tools HCOM format.
    IFF R+W Interchange file format.
    IMY R+W iMelody mobile phone ring-tone format.
    INI R MWave DSP synth\'s mwsynth.ini GM-setup.
    INI R+W Gravis UltraSound bank setup.
    INRS R INRS-Telecommunications audio.
    INS W Cakewalk Instrument definition file.
    INS R Ensoniq EPS family instrument.
    INS R+W Sample Cell / II Mac instrument.
    INS R+W Sample Cell / II PC instrument.
    IST R Digitrakker Instrument File.
    IT R Impulse Tracker module.
    ITI R+W Impulse Tracker instrument.
    ITS R+W Impulse Tracker sample.
    K25 R Kurzweil K2500 file (Note: KRZ is W also).
    K26 R Kurzweil K2600 file (Note: KRZ is W also).
    KIT R+W Native Instruments Battery drum kit file.
    KFT R Kort T-series image file.
    KMP R+W Korg Triton KeyMaP file.
    KMP R+W Korg Trinity KeyMaP file.
    KR1 R Kurzweil K2000/K2500/K2600 split file.
    KRZ R+W Kurzweil K2000 file (Note: Also works with K2500/K2600).
    KSC R+W Korg Triton SCript file.
    KSC R+W Korg Trinity SCript file.
    KSF R+W Korg Triton Sample File.
    KSF R+W Korg Trinity Sample File.
    MAP R+W Native Instruments Reaktor format.
    MAT R+W Matlab variables binary file.
    MAUD R MAUD sample format.
    MDL R Digitrakker Module.
    MED R OctaMED tracker module.
    MID R+W Standard Midi File.
    MLD R MFi/MFi2 - Melody Format for i-Mode a.k.a. i-Melody.
    MLS R Miles Sound Tools \'compressed DLS\'.
    MMF R SMAF songs - Synthetic Music Mobile Application Format.
    MOD R Amiga and PC tracker module.
    MOV R Apple QuickTime audio.
    MP1 R MPEG audio stream, layer I.
    MP2 R+W % MPEG audio stream, layer II CBR.
    MP3 R+W * MPEG audio stream, layer III CBR.
    MP3 R+W * MPEG audio stream, layer III ABR.
    MP3 R+W * MPEG audio stream, layer III VBR.
    MPA R MPEG audio stream, layer I, II or III.
    MPEG R MPEG 1 system stream.
    MPG R MPEG 1 system stream.
    MSS R+W Miles Sound System DLS 1 + XMI file.
    MT2 R MadTracker 2 Module.
    MTI R+W MadTracker 2 Instrument.
    MTM R MultiTracker Module.
    MUS R Doom/Heretic music file.
    MUS R+W Musifile MPEG Layer II Audio stream.
    MUS10 R Mus10 audio.
    MWS W MWave DSP synth\'s instrument extract.
    NIST R+W NIST Sphere audio.
    NVF R+W Creative Nomand Voice file.
    O01 R Typhoon vOice file.
    OGG R+W ! Vorbis Ogg stream.
    OKT R Oktalyzer tracker module.
    P R+W Akai S1000/S1100/S01 program.
    P R+W Akai S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800 program.
    PAC R SB Studio II package.
    PAF R+W Ensoniq PARIS audio file.
    PAT R+W Advanced Gravis Ultrasound / Forte tech. Patch.
    PBF R+W Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File.
    PCG R+W Korg Triton bank file.
    PCG R+W Korg Trinity bank file.
    PCM R OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM format.
    PGM R+W AKAI MPC-2000/2000XL drum set file.
    PGM R+W AKAI MPC-3000 drum set file.
    PLM R DisorderTracker2 module.
    PLS R DisorderTracker2 sample.
    PRG R+W WAVmaker program.
    PSB R Pinnacle Sound Bank.
    PSION R PSION a-law audio.
    PSM R Protracker Studio Module Format.
    PTM R Poly Tracker module.
    RA W # RealAudio audio file.
    RAW R Raw signed PCM data.
    RIF R Rapidcom Voice/Quicklink Rockwell ADPCM files.
    RMI R+W RIFF-MIDI file (with or without embedded DLS).
    RockwellR+W Rockwell 2,3,4 bit ADPCM format.
    S R Akai S900/S950 sample.
    S R+W Akai S1000/S1100 sample.
    S R+W Akai S3000/S3200/S2000/S2800/S01 sample.
    S3I R+W Scream tracker v3 instrument.
    S3M R Scream tracker v3 module.
    SAM R Signed 8bit Sample data.
    SB R+W Raw Signed Byte (8bit) data.
    SBK R+W Emu SoundFont v1.x file.
    SD R+W Sound Designer I audio.
    SC2 R Sample Cell / II PC instrument (Also W as .INS).
    SD2 R+W Sound Designer II flattened file.
    SD2 R+W Sound Designer II data fork.
    SDK R Roland S-series floppy disk image.
    SDS R+W Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard file.
    SDW R Raw Signed DWord (32bit) data.
    SDX R Midi Sample Dump Standard files as compacted by SDX.
    SEQ R+W Sony Playstation MIDI Sequence.
    SF R+W MTU/IRCAM SoundFile format.
    SF2 R+W Emu SoundFont v2.1 file.
    SFARK R Melody Machine Compressed SoundFont.
    SFD R SoundStage Sound File Data.
    SFI R SoundStage Sound File Info.
    SFR R Sonic Foundry Sample Resource.
    SMD R SmdEd / J-Phone mobile songs.
    SMP R Avalon sample file.
    SMP R Ad Lib Gold Sample.
    SMP R+W Samplevision format.
    SND R Raw unsigned PCM data (Also W as .UB).
    SND R+W AKAI MPC-60/2000/2000XL/3000 series samples.
    SNDR R Sounder sound file.
    SNDT R Sndtool sound file.
    SOU R SB Studio II sound.
    SPD R Speach Data file.
    SPL R Digitrakker Sample.
    SPPACK R+W SPPack sound sample.
    STM R Scream tracker v2 module.
    STS R+W Creamware STS-series sampler program.
    SVX R Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV.
    SW R+W Raw Signed Word (16bit) data.
    SXT R+W Reason 2.x NN-XT format.
    SYW R+W Yamaha SY-series wave files (really named W??).
    TXT W Ascii Text parameter description.
    TXT R+W Ascii Text formatted audio data.
    TXT R+W RTTTL/NokRing mobile phone ring-tone format.
    TXT R+W Steinberg LM-4 banks.
    TXW R+W Yamaha TX16W wave files (really named .W??).
    UAX R Unreal Tournament Audio package.
    UB R+W Raw Unsigned Byte (8bit) data.
    UDW R Raw Unsigned DWord (32bit) data.
    ULAW R+W US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio.
    ULW R+W US telephony format (CCITT G.711) audio.
    ULT R UltraTracker modules.
    UMX R Unreal Tournament Music package.
    UNI R MikMod \'UniMod\' format.
    UW R+W Raw Unsigned Word (16bit) data.
    UWF R UltraTracker Wave File.
    V8 R Covox 8bit audio (Also W as .UB).
    VAB R+W Sony PlayStation/PS2 bank file.
    VAG R+W Sony PlayStation/PS2 wave file.
    VAP R+W Annotated speech file.
    VOC R+W Creative labs sound.
    VOX R+W Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM.
    VOX R Talking Technology Incorporated file.
    VOX-6K R+W Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM, 6000 Hz.
    VOX-8K R+W Dialogic 4-bit ADPCM, 8000 Hz.
    VSB R+W Virtual Sampler Bank file.
    W?? R+W Yamaha TX16W waveform (Also see TXW).
    W?? R+W Yamaha SY-series waveform (Also see SYW).
    W64 R+W Sonic Foundry Wave-64 format.
    WAV R+W Ms Windows PCM wave.
    WA! R+W GigaSampler/GigaStudio compressed wave file.
    WFB R+W Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank (Maui/Rio/Monterey).
    WFD R+W Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum set (Maui/Rio/Monterey).
    WFP R+W Turtle Beach WaveFront Program (Maui/Rio/Monterey).
    WMA R+W = Windows Media Audio 4.
    WMA R+W = Windows Media Audio 9 CBR.
    WMA R+W = Windows Media Audio 9 VBR.
    WMA R+W = Windows Media Audio 9 Voice.
    WMV R = Windows Media Video (audio part only).
    XI R+W Fast Tracker 2 instrument.
    XM R Fast Tracker 2 extended module.
    XMI R+W Miles Sound System Extended Midi file.
    * R Unrecognized formats prompts user to supply basic info.

    Enjoy my friend !

    Doru [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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