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Topic: WAV to MIDI conversion (10 programs) :

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    WAV to MIDI conversion (10 programs) :

    Solo Explorer


    Akoff Music Composer 2.0


    KNZ Audio Midifier 1.0 (Plug-Ins VST)


    Amazing Midi 1.60


    Audio To Midi


    Innovative Music Systems IntelliScore v5.1


    Widi Recognition System 2.7


    Digital Ear






    I hope to be useful !

    Doru Malaia

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    Re: WAV to MIDI conversion (10 programs) :

    Do you have an idea which one works best with polyphonic material?

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    Re: WAV to MIDI conversion (10 programs) :

    Unfortunately , i think , no one !
    But can be useful ! I will try to explain with my so bad english.
    I got 36 years musical experience , and , because of this , is very easy to me to write a score of a midi file ! BUT not all the peoples have the chance to beggining to learn musical theory when are 6-7 years old !
    Think about a newbie : how hard is to learn to write a score ! Ofcourse , these programs can be used to write the score of a song of ... Madonna , for example ! But these programs are very useful to begin to write a score : it\'s enough for a newbie just to singing or to whistle a melody and voila! have a score , maybe not so perfect , but can be modifyed very easy and is a point to beggining ! Because of this all these companyes make programs like these , to help the beginners in their work ! Many peoples need help to write a score !
    BUT these programs can be useful and for other musicians , not only for the newbies ! Can\'t be used to write a score of pholyfonic music , but can be used with succes to write a score for a sax solo , or trompet , or guitar or more others , and , why not , a vocal line , i repeat , even if not so perfect , but the scores can be modifyed ! And now i don\'t talk about newbies , talk about many young great musicians , very talented wich don\'t know to write a score but have wonderful songs ! But sometimes , they need a score to can use the capabilities of a program or other !

    So : let\'s help , how we can , other musicians ! This has the idea of this post !

    Thank you for your attention !

    Your true friend and brother musician ,

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    Re: WAV to MIDI conversion (10 programs) :

    I have 2 students (computer eng.) doing a project on music databases, where the user sings a tune, and the aplication return a list of songs with that tune...

    And they are using a wav2midi application to get the notes from the user...

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