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Topic: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Etheral Void

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    The Legend of Erthia OST - The Etheral Void

    This is another composition I created for, The Legend of Erthia. This is the composition that describes the heroism, danger, and final step towards saving Erthia. The Etheral void is the other dimension of Erthia. This is the part in the game where everything takes a big turn... and only six heroes have the power and courage to prevent an apocalypse.

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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Etheral Void

    Hi, sururick - I've come to look forward to your Erthia posts. I haven't listened to much gaming underscoring before, so it's a bit of an education for me. The prime directive of quickly establishing and then sustaining a particular mood while the graphics play out seems like quite a challenge to me.

    And once again, it's sounding to me like you're succeeding in fulfilling the requirements of this kind of work. The production is full and grand, assisted with some nice SFX touches, and the drama is sustained rather than interspersed with unexpected turns, all as befitting the game, seems to me. I thought perhaps the piano's velocity levels could have been more gentle and varied, without a reduction of volume - it's a tad more constant how this passage would actually be played, perhaps.

    Thanks, I enjoyed.


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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Etheral Void

    Another great underscore. It reminds me so much of playing RPG games on the SNES (though you have much better sound quality obviously) - where this kind of repeating chord pattern and arrangement style accompanied the very part of the game that you describe. The final step, danger, the player at odds against the current events etc.

    Shaping up to be a great sounding game, and I'm sure the game will live up to the score.

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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Etheral Void

    Thanks again for the feedback. I admit after listening to the song again, the piano indeed does need more velocity changes. I will have to fix that up.

    Thanks a lot Graham for your support on LOE and the feedback on the soundtrack. I really do appreciate your support.

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