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Topic: Where to advertise my music?

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    Where to advertise my music?

    Hey guys,

    Just curious as to how all of you are advertising your music? How are you getting the bulk of your clients? What methods etc...

    Thanks so much.


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    Re: Where to advertise my music?

    cheap way is on MP3.com plus you make money off of downloads [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Web space usually starts at $20 a month but the initial cost is kinda spendy. Falcon1 on this site offered to host someone for cheap if they needed space.

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    Re: Where to advertise my music?

    Isn\'t there \"head hunters\" for music composers? I would think if you contact a few agents that might help. Otherwise you\'re looking at the same process I would assume everyone takes. Getting a website up with lots of demos, contact information, bio, etc. and then basically mailing/emailing your information out to everyone. I\'ve also read stories where composers will do indie films for free or very cheap just to get their name on something. Now days, the music is probably the easiest part. Marketing your music, getting work, is probably going to be harder. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Where to advertise my music?

    Hi Will,

    Something to consider unless you are living in S. Cal, why not stop by the major ad agencies in your town? You can differentiate yourself by simply being closer to the client than anyone else. You could offer to write jingles for local radio/TV commericals - maybe even put together a few news themes for the local TV news shows. Maybe find some obviously local productions (weekend mags or commericals) and write new music for them and present to the producer. Not hard to find out the agency or producer behind the local efforts. Initially work may be free or at very low pay, but that won\'t last for long.

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    Re: Where to advertise my music?

    Thanks guys.. I\'ll be sure to keep all of these options in mind. Mainly just interested in how most of you got started?


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