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Topic: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

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    Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    I\'ve updated the mix on Spider! This piece is a modern composition for string quartet using Kirk Hunter\'s Solo Strings.

    Not only is the mix improved, but this version has a replacement for the echo-pizz section that was found to be unplayable. I also posted the score in whole and in parts.

    The MP3 audio and PDF score are available here:


    -Jon Fairhurst

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    Hi Jon, not bad at all.

    Just small remark about your score, there are alot of wrong enharmonic spelling. However, I have seen that from John Williams so maybe its just a trend?

    Anyway, your piece sounded well and was quite interesting for thought. Thanks!

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    Hi Falcon,

    By wrong spellings I assume that you mean using G#, where an Ab might be preferred?

    We had quite a discussion on this topic at the Sibelius forum. No one reviewed my score, but these were the main points:

    * Avoid naturals when unnecessary (use D# - E, rather than Eb - E natural).

    * For this reason use flats when descending, sharps when ascending.

    * Try to make it easily readable - use diminished 3rd intervals rather than augmented seconds.

    * Especially for tonal music, when the notes function as a triad or some other well understood structure, respect the thirds and fifths and such - even if this requires double sharps and flats.

    Then they got into such stuff as A# being higher than a Bb, depending upon the tempering of the scale. At that point they lost my interest. My sequencer and sampler don\'t care.

    Since a lot of this piece is atonal, I chose notes that seemed the most readable to me. And I really did spend some time considering each accidental.

    But if there\'s a place where my spelling seems just plain stupid to you, please let me know. I\'m doing my best to learn this stuff. And I mainly want the result to be most easily readable by a player.

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    Hey Jon,
    I didn\'t post last time as you already had a fair complement of good tidings but since it\'s early on, I\'ll toss my opinion into the hat. I really like it. It is definitely a unique piece to get to hear around these parts. It is currently parked in Itunes and will get some more listens, I\'m sure. One thing that sort of stood out is the single note cello drones under the pitz. I think you could futz with it a bit to loosen up the programmed feel. It starts to sound a bit loopy after a while. Otherwise, great coaxing of arts from Kirks library. I am looking forward to him possibly breaking up the libs into individual instruments for we, the penniless [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    nice comp


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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    Hi christianb,

    Good point about the drones. I\'ve got the cello doing a spicatto while the viola bows up and down legatos. For the most part the quantization doesn\'t hurt the piece, but those sections are a bit bare. The velocities vary, but not the timing. A nice aspect of KHSS is that it has tons of dynamic levels, so it\'s not as loopy as it could be. I could mess with the timing and apply some expression control (I didn\'t on this version), and that would probably do the trick. I\'ll keep that in mind for my next effort.

    Wow. No comments about the mix so far. I must have done a less than terrible job :-)

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    Hi Jon,

    great, you\'re one of my fellow from Sibeliusmusic.

    Ok, these are just my oppinions:

    * Bar 2 - I would recommend to use natural mark for the F in Violin 1.
    * Bar 5 - I would use whole note in Violin 2.
    * Bar 6 - I would use Ab instead of #G in cello
    * Bar 8 - I would use Ab instead of #G in cello
    * Bar 9 - I would use Db instead of #C in Violin 1, same in bar 10.
    * Bar 11 - I would use whole note in cello.

    etc. So you see I would change alot in the score, but these are just my preferances. However I also speak from my experience as an professional organist.

    If you like me to compile more extensive list, then let me know and I\'ll try to find time to do check all 114 bars.

    Like I said before, I liked the sound of the music so good job!

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    Wow, I love it. Bravo!

    The only thing I might have done is to alternate some of the cello and viola drones (I believe they\'re on a \"C\") from sustains, to tremolos and vary/swell the volume...just for more drama in those passages. I mean you only do the tremolos at the end, and I would have liked to hear a hint of them in these lower drones earlier on. A few slides here and there would have been cool to emphasise some notes, but seriously, really great modern stuff!

    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]


    Yes, that\'s very cool. You\'ll soon be getting the update which includes the solo double bass, and the Gypsy violin. Hope you can do something with those as well.


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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]

    *** falcon1 ***

    Thnanks again for the notation feedback. I went through the score again and was amazed at how many things I missed. In addition to the types of items mentioned above, I found a bunch of whole note rests that should have been bar rests, and sets of small rests that should have been one big one.

    Take a look, if you have time. I\'m sure I missed some things, but I think it\'s much improved.

    BTW, respelling is so easy in Sibelius! I can\'t believe how quick that was. Previously I had been manually moving the D# to an E and then adding the flat. The Sibelius shortcut is the \"Enter\" key on the main keyboard. I was able to fly through each voice with the right arrow, and when I got to a note I wanted to repell, I just hit \"Enter\". If I didn\'t like the results (lots of following naturals and such), I just hit \"Enter\" again and went back to scanning. Fast and fun!

    Anyway, I\'ll post this on the Sibelius forum in a couple of days. I imagine it will get ripped up one side and down the other there. Learning can be a character building experience :-)

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    Re: Spider! Update [Kirk Hunter Solo Strings]


    I really appreciate the detailed feedback!

    * Bar 2 - I would recommend to use natural mark for the F in Violin 1.

    -> I missed that due to the rest. Duh! Now I\'m thinking I should have gone with a Gb on the previous note. Then I don\'t mix sharps and flats, and don\'t need the natural. Once again the flats while descending rule works well.

    * Bar 5 - I would use whole note in Violin 2.

    -> You will see this a lot in the score when multiple instruments are sustaining in parallel. Note the bowing mark above the dotted half note. I purposely offset the bow turnarounds.

    * Bar 6 - I would use Ab instead of #G in cello

    -> Yes! The third is easier to read, and I see I would currently need another follow-up natural.

    * Bar 8 - I would use Ab instead of #G in cello

    -> Yes again.

    * Bar 9 - I would use Db instead of #C in Violin 1, same in bar 10.

    -> And again. This was an oversight as it doesn\'t match the first phrase. I\'m a terrible proofreader!

    * Bar 11 - I would use whole note in cello.

    -> This one is another case of the offset bow.

    I can see that I need to scrub this a few more times. No need for a full list. I\'ll put in some elbow grease and repost.

    Thanks again for the detailed reponse!

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