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Topic: A Magical Journey

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    A Magical Journey

    My musical interpretation of my visits to the happiest place on Earth.

    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
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    Re: A Magical Journey

    Any feedback would be much appreciated
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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    Re: A Magical Journey

    i signed up on these forums eager to get some feedback on my own work, as I'm completely self taught, and finding people don't reply to these threads with more than a "oh I like that!" :P.

    Now while I'm not new to music and theory, I am relatively new to orchestration, but to my ears it sounds excellent. There are lots of things happening behind the melodies that are subtle but really add to the rhythm and/or atmosphere (depending on where in the song we are talking about).

    So the pattern I'm hearing is an A-B-C-A(revised), which I like, and really lends itself to an evolving journey. With the A theme, there is definitely that walt disney, slightly militaristic, mostly magical charm. I love the way all the instruments bounce off each other, from foreground to background, creating a solid syncopated rhythm that the melody powerfully plays off of. There is this wonderful rise and fall of tension and dynamics, which even though it's synthesized, I can tell it's due to in large part to smart use of instruments as well as dynamics.

    What I would have liked to see, is a smoother transition from part A to part B. But part B is definitely strong. While melodically it doesn't seem to have anything in common with part A, the choice of instruments used for the rhythm felt similar, and the rhythm itself seemed really similar, only less syncopated. I did feel a lot of tension, and I definitely think this adds to the feeling of a journey.

    And now part C, my favorite! I adore your choice of chords here. There are parts that have this feeling that it's going to move finally from a minor to a satisfying major, but then continues a movement to another minor, withholding from us that satisfaction. When it finally does start building and modulating into majors, it makes it all the more powerful. For me the feeling established by part C, and it's placement in the song, feels like we just won the day but; now we are left picking up the pieces, contemplating things lost on the way, being nostalgic of the journey as a whole, and finally accepting the journey as it was.

    And then we transition to the final part, which to me comes as a huge welcome, and sense of relief. It's the feeling of all the tension that was building, is finally released. What I sense here, is that the journey is officially over, and we've come home to a celebration and fanfare (and god i love that melody). What might be cool, is to revise the ending part a bit more to have a more delicate, softer part (not saying create another 5 minutes of song ha, but maybe 10-20 seconds worth) that's maybe a touch on the melancholy side, that makes us realize we aren't the same person who left initially on this journey (which would be reflected in the music by having a modified theme). My interpretation could be waaaay off, so it's a suggestion you should feel free to take or leave :P.

    But anyway, great work on this! And that melody is for realz powerful. I seriously have it stuck in my head, and that rarely happens.

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    Re: A Magical Journey

    Well if I would have been given d chance to make my journey magical I will chose going to sea-shore and feel cool and relax. To make your heart and soul free d best place I think to go to Netherlands and spent time wid my partner. A journey that will make me cool, relax and provide peace is magical for me! What about u guys! What do you think how can it turn into magical!

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    Re: A Magical Journey

    Thanks a lot for this posting. I really enjoyed reading your posting. It's really helpful. But don't you think it is pretty long. No doubt d info is correct but it's to long for any1 to read for few seconds just to know what actually it says. great job done. Some more updates will be highly appreciated by us.

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    Re: A Magical Journey

    Thank you for your detailed response, and i apologize for not saying so much earlier. Your interpretation and feedback is greatly appreciated.
    When I first started writing this piece, I really wanted to capture the excitement and magic that comes from the world of Disney with the first melody. A lot of the music I have written in the past utilizes long sustaining chords and very legato lines, so it was a fun challenge to come up with an appropriate accompaniment. One of the criticisms I have for myself is I tend to overuse the bass instruments, and I think that contributes a lot to why the rythmic pattern in part B is so similar. I focused on the violins and violas, having them switch off playing the higher rythmic parts to try and keep it fresh. The orchestration in the lower parts does evolve slowly throughout the section starting with the low strings and bassoons, then adding contrabassoon, then trombones and tuba, but I think these changes are a little too subtle to really hear the effects of these changes without a live performance. I kept the rhythm itself pretty much the same to try to create a sense of unity throughout the piece. Whether or not it worked, however, is up to your interpretation.
    As for the transition between A and B, that is something I'll look into revising. I know relatively little about transition and modulation in music. For me, part B describes two things. The first is the fear many people, including myself, experience preparing for a scary ride. The second is a battle between good and evil. I tried to prepare the listener for this battle in the last few measures in part A with growing the orchestration and then finally with the horn glissando. I hoped that the addition of the brass in those last few measures would give it a little more militarist feel as it jumps into the battle. At around 2:06, I was actually thinking of the Fantasia scene featuring Night on Bald Mountain where Chernobog appears. That is one of the scariest animations I've ever seen, and I wanted to portray that fear also. The end of part B, around 2:35, was meant to be the climax of the confrontation that ends with an explosion or something of that nature kicking up clouds of dust that must clear before the aftermath can become known. I used a gong for this.
    Part C was the most difficult and must rewarding section to write. It is also about two different things, the first of which is a little too personal for me to talk about on a public forum like this. The second is a very cliche story that came to me after I completed the piece. As part B is a battle, part C is the aftermath. I have in my head a scene where the disney characters are all getting up after the explosion and trying find out who's wounded etc. They find Mickey, gather around and discover he is lifeless(around 3:56). Minny appears at 4:09 and tentatively calls out Mickey's name at 4:17. At 4:30 she falls down beside him and begins to weep along with everyone else. Since this is Disney, the tears are of course magical. The magic tears fall on Micky and revive him at 4:51. The modulation to the parallel major at 4:55 is the moment Mickey and Minny embrace. From that modulation to the end of the section describes an infinitely deep and powerful love all life has the potential to have for one another.
    The transition section between C and the following A is meant to evoke a sense of triumph. Then the Final A is exactly how you described, a release of tension and a celebration! I tried to include a softer more intimate element between 5:55 and 6:07, perhaps not intimate enough though it sounds like. I really wanted the ending to just be as happy as possible because I tried to get all my negative emotion out in the part C up until it modulates to major. However adding a reflective element does sound like an interesting idea that I'll look into.
    Thank you so much for the comments and kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.
    My Music - https://soundcloud.com/davidrhepworth-1
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Skippy

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