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Topic: Video game music

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    Video game music

    I\'m interested in starting out in video game music production and had a quick question. I assume that you can deliver most projects in wav format to your clients. But if you are asked to score to a video in a game, what kind of delivery method do most companies ask for? I\'m curious since I\'m about to purchase a Protools HD system and I understand it has limited video capabilities compared to Logic and Digital Performer. I believe all you can do is import quicktime files..Is this accpetable??

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    Re: Video game music

    Read the game music Bible:

    \"The complete guide to Game Audio\" - by Aron Marks


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    Re: Video game music

    Hi Ed\'s, suggestion is definetely a good one. This book will tell you all of those things and more. Formats supplied can be mp3, ogg, wav 22k 8bit, etc, etc, the game may or may not be chip based....

    I would primarily focus on getting a kick a-s-s showreel together first, try and make it diverse; a minute or so of rock, dance, techno, orchestral, etc. First and foremost you want to show the companies that you are a composer with a broad range and can deliver a high quality product.

    THey will advise you of their technical requirements once you have floored them with your musical genius! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    BTW, here\'s the book Ed mentioned;


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    Re: Video game music

    Hi all!
    Is there such a \"bible\" for film-music? I try to do the same as Vice but in film music....

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    Re: Video game music

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    Re: Video game music

    Hi Midphase,

    Thanks for the link. I ordered my copy today.


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    Re: Video game music

    Thanks Midphase! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Video game music

    I really enjoyed the Rona book, but personally got more out of Davis\'. Jeff tells better stories. Richard gives more usable information. Both are well worth buying.

    Richard Davis - Complete Guide to Film Scoring

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    Re: Video game music

    There is also a new book due out this month by the guy I have been composing with for 12 years, the Fatman aka George Sanger. (www.fatman.com)
    It is a very funny book with lots inside stories and advice that I think you will find very helpful and entertaining. It also mentions me and Kevin Phelan a time or two.


    If the link doesn\'t work, just look up George Sanger at amazon.com under book authors.


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    Re: Video game music

    THanks for the advice guys! I actually do own the book and it doesn\'t say anything about syncing to video. I plan on delivering most tracks in normal cd wav format since I see myself more of a composer (like bill brown) than a sound programmer. I do have a kick a-s-s showreel put together and hope marketing myself as a composer doesn\'t bite me in the *** . Anyways, since I know a lot more about music than I do about formats, etc..I\'m a little intimidated by it all. I\'m afraid that I\'ll get hired and a video game company will ask me to sync something to video and I won\'t know what\'s going on. I hope Protools HD is adequate in allowing me to \"sync\" whatever needs \"syncing\". Is this a tough concept to learn? Any ideas where I can get started? Thanks!

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