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Topic: vrsound orchestral

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    vrsound orchestral

    So if you want to use orchestral samples that are 48/16 sampled with one of the most advanced binaural mics available, awsome for 5.1, recorded by a seasoned engineer at L.A. studios and sampled at 96/24 (future upgrades to this sampling rate will be possible) but you don\'t want to spend a ton of money, you don\'t want another PC + sound card +... but you want great sound.

    If this 12 channel(!) demo sounds big enough for you


    Get only what you need or get it all and you won\'t need much else: vrsound, all ears.

    Direct links to the instruments used for the \"Fanfare\" demo:
    Strings Brass Tuned Percussion Woodwinds

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    Hmmm Franz... I guess I\'d better not comment on this - but I am happy that you at least used tuned percussion [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    is the tuning still in beta?

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    Franz: You might want to check your MP3 links. A select few are wrong: I found one that does not work, and the solo violin, for example links to \"Indian Techno\". The harp sounds very nice from what I could hear.

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    Simon und Peter

    Ich bin ja so froh ihr beide habt Zeit euch meine Demos anzuhöhren.

    Thanks for the link info!! I\'ll fix it asap!!

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    Geez, I keep hitting the wrong button. Delete this.

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    Opps. Sorry. Delete this.

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    That\'s \"far and away\" the most original demo I\'ve heard. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Seriously though, the woodwinds aren\'t bad.

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    While it\'s over the top here, I\'ve never fully understood what tuning can do emotionally till now.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: vrsound orchestral

    Is this a good thing?
    Tuning can be changed easier than tone!
    Many composers who are using these samples tell me that they prefer the unsanitized tuning over the \"oscillator\" kind.

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