This is my first contribution here, as I've been observing from the back benches. I have used GPO4 and Instant Orchestra for all these works, nothing else. I used Finale to write and render them.

Night In the Forest 1
A short piece inspired by Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde. I use a lot of solo woodwinds in this one. I also love using the harp in it's lowest registers and I really played with that here.

Character Theme: Rogue
Went for a russian spy-feel here. I'm not overly happy with the string attacks at the beginning, will likely revise this one. Still I kinda like it anyway.

Battle with a Giant Spider
Wanted to work with piano and some funky intervals, and orchestral combos

A Battle in the Asteroids
Wrote this (and Giant Spider) for a sci-fi video game. The inspiration was James Horner's score to Star Trek II (client's choice, though a good one)

There's more selections at newgrounds. Hope you like.