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Topic: live musicians and samples

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    live musicians and samples

    here\'s a track that features live drums and bass. the rest is vrsound samples. This was fun!!

    Jazz_Bandits MP3

    Direct links to the intruments used:
    Alto and Tenor

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    Re: live musicians and samples

    Franz, I like the clav, and the horn section stuff near the end a lot, but solo saxes still are not convincing, even though they get a prettgy good groove. (Nobody\'s are, yours are as close as I\'ve heard, but it\'s still obvious they\'re sampled...)

    Have you tried using these with a wind controller? I think the breath would make a BIG difference. I haven\'t set your sax up yet for my Yamaha BC-03, but it\'s on my to-do list.


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    Re: live musicians and samples

    Hi Dasher,
    You are totally right.
    I played keyboard with the samples and not sax. (I don\'t play reeds only a little flute) Someone with more sax sense would make the samples sound more realistic. The section at the end is just Alto and Tenor together.
    I\'d have to reprogram and rethink the instrument for a wind controller, hmmm, who do I know....?

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    Re: live musicians and samples


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