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Topic: A Night in the Forest

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    A Night in the Forest

    This is my first contribution here, as I've been observing from the back benches. I have used only GPO4 and Instant Orchestra for all my works, nothing else. I used Finale to write and render them.

    Night In the Forest 1
    A short piece inspired by Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde. I use a lot of solo woodwinds in this one. I also love using the harp in it's lowest registers and I really played with that here.

    There's more selections at newgrounds. Hope you like.

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    Re: A Night in the Forest

    Hi Jpops,

    Welcome to the forum ... and what an initial posting: Fantastic piece! Really nice work. This was a very well written and mixed piece … great orchestral colors and very evocative; excellent underscoring, I was totally swept away in the music. I really enjoyed this.

    Keep them coming!



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    Re: A Night in the Forest

    Welcome to the forum. And what a calling card is yours!
    The reminiscence of "Der Abschied" is a mousetrap for us Mahlerian-In-Charge here at the The Listening Room.
    And what a nice rendering. Finale playbacks even better and better.
    Kind regards
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    Re: A Night in the Forest

    This is very nice. It does sound like spending a night in the forest. I am surprised that you can get all of this sound out of FINALE. I do my rendering in SONAR. I enjoyed this piece a lot. Thanks for posting it. Jay

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    Re: A Night in the Forest

    Welcome to the Forums, Jpops!

    And with your lush, excellently produced first post, you join the growing ranks of people here who are producing cinematic sound track work. It's definitely a trend, and a very entertaining one.

    I really enjoyed your atmospheric piece, and it's certainly an impressive demo of the killer GPO+Instant Orchestra combo.

    Thanks for letting us hear!


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