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Topic: special FX using gigaharp ?

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    special FX using gigaharp ?

    how could I reproduce the effect from the link above using gigaharp ? ( I just want to learn how to do that )


    it\'s kind of \"rolling\" on a harp, please give me a detail method to reproduce, also, I heard about Advanced Orchestra Vol5 got a harp library have pre-made harp effect similar to that, is it ture ? anyone try that before ? is it nice to use in orchestra music ? Thanks

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    Re: special FX using gigaharp ?

    Its not easy for me to tell you how to do this, as english is hard for me. BUT... I know for a fact that Dave Govetts Gigastudio Mastery does show this in detail. Maybe Mr Govett wants to explain this here in the forum. Otherwise buy his Gigastudio Mastery and youll get loads of information about everything and anything giga related.

    You can also check out gigaharps help file for charts for this.


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    Re: special FX using gigaharp ?

    please please, I really need to know how to do it, Thanks.

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