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Topic: Good VIBE-rations

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    Good VIBE-rations

    Sorry for the corny title.

    Would someone kindly recommend a good vibraphone library? I\'m looking for a good variety of samples ,such as with and without the tremolo, yarn and wood mallets, etc...

    Preferably for Logics EXS, although I can import giga libraries just fine.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Good VIBE-rations

    DS Soundware also has a Marimba and Vibes library.

    Cool vibs sit\'s differently in a mix than all the other vibes I\'ve heard. More \"studio\", which makes it actually work differently. Its not made for orcehstral mixes, but I find that because of its close mic\'d sound I\'m able to use it in cues/ideas as a sound on itself.

    My favorite right now of the ones I have, is also the VSL one in the pro edition.

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