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Topic: Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?

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    Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?

    Although I really love my Bardstown Bose there are some areas where tweaking would make it smoother for sure. Reading a previous post I noticed a similar sentiment to mine to do with some pedal down samples that change both the tone and stereo imaging on certain notes. We both found this occurrence to be distracting when we\'re making music.

    Kip was good enough to give me a basic editing procedure a month or so ago, and also to recommend that I get the GS Mastery Tutorials. I ordered the tutorial and am waiting for delivery.

    Does anyone have any \'tweaks\' that they wish to share? Or comments?


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    Re: Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?

    Hi Michael,

    Did you by chance receive the latest version 2.5 upgrade for the Giga version of the Bardstown Bosendorfer? I sent this out in April, and no doubt several people did not receive it because their email addresses had changed from what I have in my address book. If by chance you didn\'t receive it, email me and I will gladly send it to you as an email attachment.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?

    Regarding the tone change on some of the pedal down samples, there is a slight tone change on some notes, more especially in the mid range. This slight tone change is characteristic of a real Bosendorfer Imperial Model 290.

    This piano was mic\'ed fairly close, so there will be some slight variations on stereo imaging with certain frequencies. If you prefer a tighter sound with less stereo imaging, this can be accomplished by panning the stereo image closer together.

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?


    The upgrade to version 2.5 w/r to the sustain pedal did make a difference especially when making chordal transitions employing the pedal especially in the Jazz Genre. I\'m certain that this would apply to all other musical genres.
    Currently I am using the 16 bit version and hope to employ the 24 bit version down the road.

    Also, I\'ll be posting a Jazz quartet User Demo employing Kip\'s BOSE and Archtop Guitar in an arrangement of \"It Could Happen To You\" The clarity between the BOSE and Archtop Guitar form a great marriage in superb sampling IMHO.

    Stay tuned..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?

    Hi Kip,

    Thanks for the reply. I may in fact have received the 2.5 update, but had some email problems a few months ago where I lost some stuff. I\'ll be emailing you for the update, and thanks.


    I went to your site the other day and listened to some of your arrangemts, very enjoyable!


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    Re: Bardstown Bose Tweaks Anyone?


    thanks for visiting my Web Site...I must say that Kip\'s Borsendorfer Imperial Grand Piano has opened up many doors to my scoring of song-arrangements. This BOSE is a true inspiration and I hope many many others who take the time to invest in this paerticular sample among many others will experience the joy that I have had scoring with it over the last few months.

    PS..let\'s not forget the customer support...24/7 you can\'t BEAT

    \"Next User Demo in the works:
    \"It Could Happen To You\" Features The BOSE and the ArchTop Guitar (thumb) - Jazz Quartet

    Alan Russell

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