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Topic: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Silverfin Tavern

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    The Legend of Erthia OST - The Silverfin Tavern

    This is the theme song to the legendary Silverfin Tavern in Erthia. It's meant to be hoppy and an ale drinking song! There will also be a vocal version. The main part of the lyrics will be "Yee yee yee another pint for me!!!"

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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Silverfin Tavern

    Another fitting piece for your game. I have fond memories of countless 'tavern' themes from games. Most of the time they are of the more jolly variety. Some times a little more of a dramatic edge to them, like this one.

    Strange thought - I was only a few seconds in and I couldn't help but think of Christy Moore's song 'Ride On' for the rest of the piece.

    Anyhoo, great tavern music!
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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Silverfin Tavern

    Interesting, sururick! This wasn't what I expected after reading how it's to be used in the game.

    Hmmm, this is a drinking song?-- I don't have Graham's advantage, since I've never heard any tavern songs from games, so I'm not familiar with the kinds of things they can be. It sounded like perhaps a rather brisk dirge, but with a folk song feel to it.

    I think the sparse instrumentation threw me off, since I would expect a drinking song to be more raucous and ragged. For instance, I could hear some beefier percussion emphasizing that 3/4 meter, with a strong pulse on the One, as in flagons being slammed down in time to the music. Maybe small accordions, whistles or other more primitive, home-made sounding flutes, maybe a mandolin being picked at double time. It's possible I'm more in tune with how a drinking song would be handled on stage or in a film - things need to be kept more simple for a gaming sound track, yes?

    Hearing a vocal version would be good, I'm sure I'd get the idea better, hearing that.


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    Re: The Legend of Erthia OST - The Silverfin Tavern

    Thanks for the feedback guys! It is a bit more of an intense version of a tavern theme. Perhaps more of a pirate theme! The Silverfin Tavern is the place where Captain Le Duke and his pirate gang hangs out! I am going to try and get these vocals done. Thanks again Randy for the vocal tips. The v-vocal is definitely helping. I hope you guys don't mind me sharing a bit of LOE lore with each composition!

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