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Topic: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

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    Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    I just bought everything that Project Sam has to offer. The sounds are great! But it\'s taking quite a long time for the sounds to load. Some of the articulations are taking up to 3 or 4 minutes. Is this normal? I want to audition sounds for my work but it\'s a lengthy task.

    I have 512 meg of ram and a 1.4 mghz Athlon processor. More ram maybe?

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    Some of the Sam articulations do take longer than other libraries. More RAM does help with the slow load times.

    Hope this helps,
    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    Hi Cody, some of the Trombone patches in particular can take a long time to load on my machine. One tinhg that seems to help me is if you turn on your computer and load the patches first it seems to be faster. If I turn on, surf the net, check emails etc, THEN load up Giga, some of the Sam patches take ages.

    Not sure if this will help you. I have 1gig of ram and can still take a while. Given that Giga is supposed to stream the sample from disk, I dont think that having more ram will significantly speed up loading times. More ram will simply let you load a larger volume of samples.

    Cheers, Scott.

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    On Kirk Hunter\'s solo strings, which are quite large, I found that more RAM helped speed load times quite a bit. Also, make sure your disk(s) are defragged.

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    Everything that helps to keep your HD and RAM clean and free will help. More RAM helps. And doing other things on your Giga system is ALWAYS a BAD thing. Performance will certainly drop because of this, over a longer period of time. Don\'t install any other big applications, as they may alter Windows settings also read by Giga.

    Also, the Windows OS is of importance. Win98 loads much much faster than WinXP or Win2k, as they handle memory management differently in Giga.

    There are Windows tweaks to speed up loading, but this will always be in the ratio of loading time <> loading capacity.



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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    Thanks for your replies!

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    I\'ve noticed this as well in the Trombone Staccato gig. It\'s no bigger than files from other large libraries, yet this one in particular is always slower to load.

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    The file size isn\'t really the problem -- it\'s the amount of samples in the file. Take SAM Horns for instance. The looped sustains with release trails takes about 25-30 seconds for me. However, the staccato file (which has all four staccatos) has about four times as many samples so it\'s going to take about four times as long to load it.

    That\'s why older libraries like Miroslav load lightening quick -- there\'s not that many samples per instrument. A piano chromatically sampled with 16 velocities (8 pedal up, 8 pedal down) would take a while to load because of the sheer number of samples.

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    I just want to add that I have never experienced any patch from any libraries taking longer to load than it should, taking into account the amount of samples GS has to load. This odd behaviour seems to be another Windows 2k/XP thing.

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    Re: Sam Horns and Trombones Loading times

    I can second that theory. On my win98 machine the SAMs stuff, and everything else loads up lightening fast. On my XP machine (with 50% more ram) it can take 10 minutes.


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