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Topic: Strings decision problem

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    Strings decision problem

    Please could you help me decide.

    My string sound doesn\'t hit the spot for my recent projects. I\'m currently using GOS with KH Solo Str, for what are mainly slower expressive movements with naked strings in a small setting. I had been eyeing up SI but was waiting for VSL. However money has suddenly become severely tight and I need to consider SI Lite. How much will I suffer by having the Lite version? I know this has been addressed before, but has anyone with the Lite version upgraded and found it worth the Money?

    Amongst others I also have KH VS String Orch, converted from Akai. I believe there is now a native Giga version? Is there much difference in quality? Does this have one sample per pitch.

    Any comments would be gratefully digested

    Martin Beckers

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    Re: Strings decision problem

    Hi Martin.

    I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the solo strings. Yes, there is a huge difference between the KH Strings Akai vs. Giga. The samples are the same, but there is a vast difference in programming. Contact me about a cross-platform exchange.

    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Strings decision problem

    For what you are askign for, get SI, even if its the LITE version

    Should be perfect if you ask me.

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    Re: Strings decision problem

    Thanks guys. Unequivocal advice. If I get SI Lite I can always upgrade when I become stinking rich again.

    Kirk, you\'re right, I am enjoying them. Your solo strings have set a new standard. I\'ll email you about the String Orchestra. Thanks.


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    Re: Strings decision problem

    I\'d like to jump in here with a similar/related question: could someone compare/contrast GOS and SI Strings? I have GOS and am loving it, I have next to no complaints, except a couple minor things. If I were to buy SI, what would it add to GOS? Is it pretty much the same articulations, just a different sound?

    PS: Beckers, out of curiosity, what are you doing that GOS and KI solo aren\'t doing the trick?

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    Re: Strings decision problem


    SI, has a \"perfect\" mix for the way they are recorded. IMO its not so much the size of the ensembles that makes them work in intimate pieces, but rather the way they are mixed and recorded. There is an incredibly clear nuance from the close mics, and a rich ambient sound with the mics capturing the hall sound, but niether overpowers the other.

    What I\'ve heard of KH is that it has tht \"big\" sound ( I dont have it), GOS also has that, which is its problem for most people.

    People consider GOS \"synthy\". IMO its because the sound of the samples is a Huge String section playing. It sounds like a huge section being triggered when you just hit the keys. Add slides however or short bow layers and there is a bit of life added.

    Anyhow, SI os a great lib, and will \"live\" throgh this orchestral madness IMO. Its got a bit of character of its own. Somewhat the same idea that made Miroslav last for so long. While everyone is striving for control over sound (even myself), I wont deny that SI has a great sound and is something I reach for constantly.

    This said, I do find that I like other samples better in when I\'m looking for a \"bigger\" sound, or when I want a \"farther back\" sound. This is where the mix of ambience and close mics gets on my nerves. I push back the samples to get them to sound farther back, but it pushes all the ambient charactersitcs farther back and I can hear the characteristics of the ambient hall still. In fact its because of the mix of the defined closer mics and the hall ambience, it seems more noticable. I dont think it would be as noticable with samples with only ambient charactersitics (cant say for sure tho). This is the same problem I have with LOP, tho in most of the melodic percusion instruments its easier to trick the sample into losing its proximity effect (mostly mallets and some low mids)

    Anyhow, SI right now is one of my first choices in string sounds tho, the other being the new edits I did for GOS,...but I\'m sure I\'ll get sick of those soon.

    It all comes down to two things, one directly influencing the second

    1. Personal Taste
    2. What the piece needs.

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    Re: Strings decision problem

    King and Sharmy

    Thanks for the info [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I probably won\'t have a need for anything other than GOS, in the forseeable future.

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    Re: Strings decision problem

    I have just been listening to your solo strings demos - and I have to say - amazing - I can still tell it isn\'t live but, it has to be the best sampled Violin I have yet heard. I will have to budget for it. - Also I\'m glad to see some sound designers are staying wiht Giga as I\'m just getting into it... .
    Tom Martin


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    Re: Strings decision problem

    oh yes you will... you need them ALL MWHAHAHAHA



    nm, I\'m using soundfonts now, so it makes me realize how much I suck musically. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Strings decision problem

    Hello King ...!
    It\'s interessting what you are saying about close sounding instruments. I wanted to buy LOP - can you please describe how to mix the instruments to make them sound more far?
    PS Are you sure you are an idiot???

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